‘Hey there I’m Sue

I am a Life Coach + Founder of Smile Chickie, lover of life, happiness maximizer, magnificent work in progress, proudly imperfect.

Smile Chickie is where it all comes together.

If you have found your way here, then there’s a fair chance…

You are the kind of chick who gets that life is short and precious, that it’s rarely perfect, that neither are you – and that that is ok.

You are one of those, most excellent real life, positive, no bullshit chicks who are out there quietly getting on with living the best life that you know how.

Despite the stuff ups and disasters, you can usually find the funny side.

You are grateful for the good stuff and have made a conscious decision to walk away from the toxic.

You are determined to keep on growing and learning, smiling and laughing at the wonder of this gift of a life that we have all been given.

If you are looking for

A life coach

A Secret Superhero Ring 

A cheer squad

A place to be you


A community

Something to smile about…


Then CONGRATULATIONS, you have found your people!

I am on a mission to continue to live my life this way.

And I would LOVE for you to stay and play…

sue xxx



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