hey there,
I'm Sue...



Hey there,

I’m Sue.

I’m a qualified coach and business mentor; a doer, not (just) a dreamer – and a chick who’s known to destroy many a good dance move. When I’m not drinking wine in the sun with the people I love, laughing at all the crazy twists and turns in this big, messy life, you’ll likely find me heading off on a road trip, singing loudly (and badly), ham and cheese toastie in hand.

My mission is to empower change-makers – the brave, big-hearted ones (you know who you are) – to embrace times of transition and flourish where they might otherwise flounder. 

In other words… one no-bullsh*t woman to another – to become un-f*cking-stoppable. 

As for my professional chops? I have worked in mental health and wellbeing for over a decade; across management, leadership, advocacy and advisory roles for local services, state bodies and national consultancies.

Since launching Smile Chickie, I have coached over 50 women one-on-one; trained around 100 more to become professional coaches themselves; and mentored dozens more women (and cheered them on as they’ve uplifted each other) through my popular Unstoppable Chicks Squad private membership group. 

And you? 

I have a hunch you’re here because….

  • You’re on the brink of (or smack-bang in the middle of) big, heart-pumping change. You’re at a crossroads, or have just taken a mighty big leap and need someone to cheer you on, pass you the (virtual) chips and pester you to keep the f*ck going when you’d rather stop in at the nearest pub for a rose and a big old lie down.

  • You’re aching to learn and grow – and you’d rather not waste another single moment on other people’s bullsh*t

  • You’re finally, seriously, 100% ready to own your life as YOURS to do with whatever the f*ck you please. Because deep down, you can’t ignore that rising whisper that you weren’t built for playing small.

Nope, you’re worth an extra-f*cking-ordinary life, lady.

Maybe you’re the chick who has… 

  • Just quit your job

  • Recently had the, ‘It’s not me, it’s you – definitely you’ chat

  • Had a Thelma +Louise moment and decided to road-trip round Oz in a kombi – indefinitely

  • Recently become a mama…

  • Or, waved bye-bye to the last of your grown-up kids

  • Gone back to study

  • Resolved to stop people-pleasing

  • Bought the domain name for that biz

  • Been dreaming of moving to Paris and living off croissants for a year – just because you can and if not now, when?

Either way… You’re on the brink of something and it’s about bloody time you found the secret sauce to help make that something stick. For reals this time. Pop on your Secret Superhero Ring, stick with me and my unf*ckingstoppable community and? 

Oh, babe, the places you’ll go…

A survivor and thriver of breakups and breakdowns, toddlers and teenagers, postnatal depression, divorce, single mother magic, derailments and dramas – and everything in between. 

And before all of these colourful experiences that taught me don’t-f*ck-with-me resilience, and fostered the un-bloody-breakable strength that, these days, is my secret superpower…

  • I was the chick in my 20s who tried hard not to draw attention to herself - in case even MORE people worked out that I wasn’t quite skinny/smart/sporty/pretty /perfect enough.

  • I wasted years (unsuccessfully) trying to be everything to everyone, putting everyone else’s needs first, and trying to meet other people’s expectations.

  • I was the girl who was always, always up for singing a bad 80’s song LOUD. Oh, wait. That’s still true.

    Want all of the juicy details?

Now, over to you…

If you’ve scrolled this far, it’s my bet that you’ve got the kind of fire in your belly that just won’t be dimmed. 

Which is damn fine, as Smile Chickie is no one-night stand. We’re in it for the long haul. Think of my jewellery as your secret sauce to ensure you’re the last lady standing in your own life when everyone else is saying, ‘She won’t last. Does she have what it takes? Nope, see, Sheree, she’ll cave any minute now…’ 

You KNOW you’ve got this.

Now, this might just call for a magic weapon (or two) to help you keep on keeping on when the going gets tough. 

I created the Unstoppable Chicks Squad with the aim of connecting you with a collective of women who’ve got your back. Who’ll talk your inner lady warrior (you know the one – the don’t-f*ck-with-me lioness who’s got big, BIG things on her to-do list) off the ledge when she’s considering heading back inside for a cuppa and a lie-down – or worse, quitting altogether. You’ve come this far – but the party’s not over yet.

Change and growth is scary. And it’s what makes us feel ALIVE. That’s why I created the Smile Chickie Unstoppable Necklace and the Secret Superhero ring, to act as your secret sauce when you need it most. No more ‘What if I fuck this up’s – wearing your secret armour will help you make those smooth new moves like a boss. 

Because sometimes, we just need a little support to make that big leap less flailing-around-like-a- terrified-puppy, and instead as graceful a dance as possibly can be: like everybody’s watching, and you couldn’t give two f*cks. 

You’ve taken the leap. Now? Let’s make sure you’re f*cking unstoppable as you find your way.