hey there,
I'm Sue...



I am...

  • Curious about life.
  • Known to destroy many a good dance move.
  • A qualified coach and business mentor.
  • A survivor and thriver of break-ups and breakdowns, toddlers and teenagers, derailments and dramas.
  • Resilient, resourceful and funny as f*ck.
  • A chickie who does life HER way - and apologises to no one for it.

I love to hang out with chicks who...

  • Can bounce back, laugh at themselves, and keep going

  • Are gutsy, determined and not afraid of hard work, curveballs or stepping outside their comfort zone

  • Avoid clichés and fakery like the plague

  • Would rather not waste a single moment on other people’s bullsh*t

  • Are aching to learn and grow

  • Laugh… they are the chickies I love the most-est.

I smile when the chicks I work with:

  • Stop settling for crumbs

  • Ditch the drama and the nasty self-talk

  • Start surrounding themselves with people who get it

  • Bravely step out into the arena of life and start kicking arse

  • Speak up when they used to shut up

  • Believe in themselves, dammit!

My heart fills with gratitude when:

Someone buys a Secret Superhero Ring, or an Unstoppable Necklace and in tough, lonely, quiet, deep-breath-sh*t-happens moments, looks down at it and thinks: I’ve got this.

My heart bursts wide open when:

  • I see the chicks in my private Unstoppable Chicks group …

  • Sharing

  • Connecting

  • Supporting and encouraging each other

  • Checking in and holding each other accountable

  • Being the world’s and each other’s greatest cheer squad

  • Laughing and rocking at life together

I do a dorky little happy dance and fist pump the air when:

  • Someone lands on my Chickie Blog

  • Someone signs up to read the weekly adventures of me+Carlos

  • Someone sends me a beautiful, funny email saying “I swear you wrote that blog about my life!”, “Thanks for sharing”, “You made a difference.” … “Is Carlos single?

Here’s a few surprising facts about me:

  • I was the chick who tried hard not to draw attention to herself - in case even MORE people  worked out that I wasn’t quite skinny / smart / sporty / pretty / perfect / good enough.

  • I was the chick who wasted years (unsuccessfully) trying to be everything to everyone, putting everyone else’s needs first, and trying to meet other people’s expectations.
  • I was a shit hot friend to everyone else whilst secretly judging the crap out of myself.
  • I had to push myself WAY out of my comfort zone to press ‘publish’ on Smile Chickie… to put a picture of my dorky head on the internet and say to the world, ‘I AM ENOUGH’.

But I’m SO glad I did.

Because, in the eloquent words of the wise and wonderful Marianne Williamson:

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Amen to that sister!

So if Smile Chickie helps just one other person see that:

  • They are not alone

  • That there is hope

  • That there is a different way to live, other than the exhausting (boring) race towards the beautiful (impossible) illusion of perfection

Well as another wise woman, Bridget Jones said, right before she slid down the fireman’s pole and showed the entire world her bum…

“I’ll do it!!!”

I’m passionate about building up our inner strength, our self belief, and our bounce back rates - together.

  • I’ve got your back like a big sister (only I won’t borrow your clothes and give them back with a big wine stain)

  • I call bullsh*t on chasing perfect

  • I call bullsh*t on living anyone else’s version of a life, we’re here to live our own!

  • I believe in the wise words of Brene Brown…“There is magic in the mess”

The work I do at Smile Chickie is all about:

  • Wellness

  • Strength

  • Resilience

  • Paying attention to the positive

  • Ditching the drama

But most of all, Smile Chickie is about…

Remembering the chick you wanted to be, right before life got in the way. Believe me, she’s still in there. She’s just waiting for you to give her permission to step out and start living.

I’m SO glad you’re here, chickie.

Let's get this party started.

Sue xxx