A Gift For Me

Ok January, it’s time baby!

I seem to have made it through 2016 semi-intact – tick
I’ve survived the festive season, including not making anyone cry during Christmas lunch - tick
I have ploughed through a solid month of eating (and *ahem hydrating ) waaaaay too much - tickety tick tick tick
I had myself a bit of a summer break, got some sand between my toes, read a book or 2 -  tick
I had myself a bit of a summer break, got some sand between my toes, read a book or 2 - tick
Done my Shake It Off Checklist – tiiiiiiiiickety-do-da!

Tidied up my desk, washed AND vacuumed my car, I’ve written the mother of all to-do lists and now I’m officially all out of excuses not to get on with the brand new shiny year that is stretched out in front of me…. Sigh!!!  (tick fatigue setting in)

But first… I’ve decided to give myself a little January gift. Yep, I’ve wrapped myself up a little something special to take along with me in the months to come. This year I am going to give myself the gift of:

  • Saying ‘actually no’ when I need to.
  • Not being so bloody hard on myself.
  • Not investing in other people’s crap or drama, or worrying about what other people are saying about, or thinking of me.
  • Noticing when I am potentially taking stuff too personally.
  • Giving out carefully measured fucks to the stuff that really matters, and letting a whole lot of other fucks G-O-GG-O.
  • Taking every single opportunity to do new stuff and to learn and grow.
  • To spend more time with the people that I love, and to make sure that they are in absolutely no doubt of how much they mean to me.
  • To listen more and talk less.
  • To keep working hard and doing what I love.
  • To find ways to make a difference and to give back.
  • I work with, as well as watching so many of my nearest and dearest, spending so much time looking after other people’s needs, expectations, demands. I see them caring so much about other people’s opinions, yet rarely listening to their own voice, their own hearts.

It’s so easy to get into the habit of letting the simple stuff slide, of putting our own self-care, our hopes, our dreams on the back burner.

To this I say, enough’s e-fucking-nough!

I vote that we all make this year one of remembering to pay attention to giving ourselves what we need too. Let’s start the year of giving ourselves some gifts that our future self will thank us for shall we? What are YOU going to give yourself this year my lovelies?

Sue Xx

Sue Muller