Why the yappy dog can stuff right off...

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So Carlos (my laptop) and I just got back from a little dog sitting adventure in the sunshine.

I’m sure that the locals are missing laughing at my highly attractive early morning ritual of being dragged along by 2 little fluffy wonders on a mission to piss on every tree, bush and blade of grass this side of the border. (Them not me, I went before we left home because I am a grown up like that.)

Waiting for them to do their doggie business left me with plenty of spare time for pondering, plus dog spotting and general observing of random dog behaviour and politics…

And what, pray tell dear Sue, did you learn from your dog walking adventures?

You might well ask…

Well, one morning whilst standing waiting patiently with my little plastic picking up poo bag, and desperately trying to untangle the intertwined frigging dog leashes due to their out-of-the-blue decision to do unauthorised circle work in order to bark their lungs out at some woofer about 20 times bigger than the both of them put together, who could eat the 2 of them in a single bite if the mood took him, it hit me there are so many different dog personalities. Head on out to any park, river, walking track, café with water bowls out the front and you will find the whole spectrum there, with their cute little puppy dog faces.

In that moment, like a bolt out of the blue, I knew the exact kind of dog that I would want to be.

Now, the yappers are very cute and all. But jeez talk about high maintenance.

The kind of dog I love the best is the chilled out, easy-going, cruisy, calm loyal dog… with a tiny streak of cheeky.

You know, the lovely calm companion who wanders along, happy AS just to be out in the sunshine with her people. Soaking up the serenity and noticing the simple things in life.

They don’t hang around the feet of people who ignore them, whining and begging for their attention.

They save their energy for the shit that’s worth it.

My kind of dog doesn’t rise to the yappers. They see/hear it for what it is, and just walk on by.

My kind of dog wakes up with a big lazy stretch. Has a bit of a scratch.

Goes with the flow, takes life as it comes, sees where each new day takes them.

I feel sorry for the yappers.

All of that unnecessary fretting, getting worked up, feeling like they have to prove themselves to the big dogs. Racing from tree to tree, desperate to piss on it first, or piss on anything that’s already been pissed on to prove that they are the best.

Barking – look at me, look at me… let me tell you how great I am!

The whole fearful scarcity thing – feed me feed me, pick me pick me. Not realising that there is plenty of love and pats to go around.

The yappers may have their super cute moments and all, but bloody hell… settle petals!

Lots of noise and wasted energy that gets them nowhere except for burnt out and exhausted.

Wearing out the people around them, and at the very least giving them the shits.

That moment in the sunshine (poo bag in hand), I realised, that my dog theory applied to all things Smile Chickie too.

I don’t ever want to be the



Pick me

Choose me

Look at me

Do things my way,

kind of chick.

I don’t need a fancy doggie jacket, hairdo, bioorganicovegantastic food in a bedazzled bowl.

Just get me a ham and cheese toastie and a corona and I’ll be your friend forever!

I’m not high maintenance.

Don’t need the latest squeaky toys

I’m pretty cool just doing what I do, hanging with my people, making a difference whenever I can.

Super happy to power on with no big fuss.

There is SO much noise, comparisonitis and competition on the inter-webs these days.

A sea of egos, selfies, blogs and websites and sales pages, and insta-fucking stories.

So much yapping.

So much playing on people’s insecurities.

It’s boring and I avoid it like the plague.

Some time in the sunshine, slowing down and noticing the world of dogs made me even more certain that I’m on the right path forward.

So when the dog sitting party was over, I packed up my suitcase and waved good bye to my new fluffy friends, and I set off back home with a clean slate, and recharged determination, to know who I am and to be cool with that, to breathe out, to do things my way, to be the best person I know how to be. To use my voice, to make my own quiet little difference in the world. To never ever take for granted my blessings. To take every opportunity I can to learn and to grow.

I have always believed in the wise words of Marianne Williamson,

"As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

You know what?

Stuff being the yappy dog!

I’m saving my time, love and energy for the people who deserve it.

For the stuff that matters.

I’m just going to keep on being me and see what happens.

I don’t (and won’t) always get it right, but I’d rather be having a crack than to live with the regret of not trying.

I’m also going to sniff a lot of stuff… you’ve got to stay curious!

Fact is, I’ve never done things cookie cutter style.

I make tools and tricks for unstoppable chicks, in my own quirky way.

I love to hang out with people who want to live great big happy lives tool

I love to laugh A LOT.

I try

I stuff up

I get back up

I aim for unstoppable

Sometimes I feel a little Bridget Jones-ish, alone out there on the dance floor of life, doing her own little dorky dance. To the beat of her own drum.

I’m cool with that.  Building and growing Smile Chickie makes me happy, living my life this way makes me happy.

So what do you say lovely chickies…

Let’s just be who we really are

Let’s relax

Let’s breathe out

Let’s step on into the rest of the year with



and a smile shall we?

I am prepared to be the nerdy chick dancing by herself on the dance floor, but if you join me, it’s a party.

Together we are unstoppable.


Woof xxx

Sue Muller