Because you are unstoppable

Because you are unstoppable copy.png

I made this shiny treasure, because I wanted to be reminded of my unstoppableness (that is SO a word!)


Yep, whenever and where-ever possible, I want to feel unstoppable.

I want to feel that feeling of possibility, of hope, that the world is my oyster, that I have limitless potential and a fun-filled future stretched out in front of me…  that I can do anything that I put my mind to.

Like the little girl who believed in herself, who ran under the garden sprinkler with a wedgie and not a care in the world.  Who dive- bombed into rock pools so cold that it took her breath away, laughed so hard that her Fanta went up her nose and she sneezed orange for a week.

Who spent summers lying in the sand with her besties, plotting, scheming, day dreaming about the way that life would be, the adventures to come, the boys they would kiss, the mountains they would climb together.  With hardened, sandy feet from climbing over the rocks, and walking on the hot sand, a freckled sun-kissed nose and the warm wind in her hair.

When life gets busy, when world events and ‘adulting stuff ‘(also a word) gets in the way, when it all seems too tricky, too hard, too painful, insurmountable, overwhelming; I wanted to have something that would bring me back to those feelings, to what’s important.

Something that would take me back to that wide eyed Pollyanna who absolutely believed in her potential.

To the echos of unbridled hope and possibility.

I wanted a constant gentle reminder that I’ve made it this far… and I’m stuffed if I’m giving up now.

Truth is, life isn’t going to always be perfect.

It’s not supposed to be all Fanta, sunshine and sprinklers.

But the school of life (and lots of practice) has taught me that on most days, I can make a conscious decision to

Know myself really well. To know what works for me, and what doesn’t. To know where my boundaries lie and to practice lovingly maintaining them.

Notice the people in my life who feel like sunshine, and make spending time with, and loving them back, a priority.

Surround myself with tangible reminders of what’s important to me.

Curiously pay attention to how I speak to myself and the stories that I tell myself … do a little fact check when I need to. (for example, not clever, talented, pretty, skinny, in fact not ANYTHING enough can go and get stuffed!)

Take every opportunity that I see to notice the good stuff when it comes my way.

To be curious, to look for opportunities to learn and to grow.

To be aware of the privilledge and gift that a happy loving childhood was. And to do whatever I can to not ever take that gift for granted, and to take every opportunity to make my own little difference, no matter what a tiny drop in the ocean it can sometimes feel like.

And to notice the times when I feel unstoppable, to recognize them, celebrate them… and to always be looking for ways to add more of that action to my life wherever I can.

So I’ll take my pretty little reminder and I’ll head on out into the world and do the best I can with what I’ve got.

Because I am unstoppable.

And pssst guess what my lovely chickie friend…. so are you.


Sue xxx




Sue Muller