The Seven Day Turnaround

The Seven Day Turnaround.png

This is a story about an e- book…

I made it for the times when you feel -

Pissed off at yourself for being where you’re at right now, when you’ve got no idea where to even begin to start to climb your way back.

Like something’s got to give. Whether it’s to do with your health, lifestyle, career, love, money… or any of the other usual suspects

That you’re ready to draw a line in the sand, busting to improve some area of your life and you’re in desperate need of a circuit breaker.

Because I know those days.

Those days when it’s all too hard.

When you know you need a change.

But it all seems over whelming.

Where you are stuffed if you know where to even start.

That’s why I wrote a




No mess, no fuss, no airy-fairy b*llshit, roadmap to help you over the hump.

Because the school of life has taught me that’s what works. Not smoke and mirrors, expensive impossible formulas and quick fix solutions, not paying some fancy expensive coach, trainer or guru, not a wishin and a hopin and a praying. Not crystals, protein shakes, or drinking green smoothies in a bikini on the beach. Just the simple, practical steps that I use for myself, and with my coaching and mentoring clients, to get out of overwhelm (AKA feeling swamped and not knowing WTF to start) and confusion and back into action.

My wish for you is to nail it!

To take it my 7 Day Turnaround and use it as a tool to turn this thing around.

To help fast track you from overthinking/procrastinating/stuck mode into what I like to call … getting the f*ck started.

Because life is short and regret sucks.

Sue xxx




Sue Muller