Unstoppable Chicks

Time to say bye bye....png

It's time to say bye bye... 


The other day, I was telling you all about my new fancy haircut

By god it’s been liberating to see that pile of old dead ends on the floor and to feel the lightness of a brand new shiny do… totally in line with where I’m at now, and where I’m headed with Smile Chickie.

Thing is, as is always the way with new haircuts and chapters, fixing up one area shone a light on the other things that could do with a bit of a tidy up too.

Kind of like when you go to reorganise a single shelf in your wardrobe and end up with everything out of the bed instead…

are you hearing me lovely chickies?

So this is the thing…

My all time favourite place to hang out on the interwebs for a while now, is a gorgeous little tribe of secret superheroes, who make me smile, who make my heart happy every single day.  

A group that I started off couple of years ago, under the name of Secret Chickies Business.

Together we have grown and laughed together, checked in on each other, held each other accountable and kept it real, over in our little online cubby house.

Now that my new website is built, I have so much more time to pull together so many plans I have had in the pipeline to add even more value in that intimate little space over the coming months and years. (BONUS!!!!)

Anyhoo back to the story…  

as I got to building my new online home, I got to thinking how the name Secret Chickies Business didn’t quite go with the new hairdo… it didn’t really describe the feeling of being part of that kick-arse group of chicks, didn’t quite capture what it is that we are all striving for and how we choose to do life.

So I decided stuff it!

Let’s just turf the whole wardrobe out onto the bed and be done with it.

In line with my new do, let’s call us something that sums up the energy, the feeling of how we roll.

What we mean to each other.

We’re allowed to change our minds. How often in life do we hold back from making a change that feels right in our gut because of the ‘what ifs’ the what will people thinks…  with the sh*t that’s going to take a lot of work.


Not me, not now, na ha!


So a bit like Prince when he changed his name to the artist formerly known as prince…

like that annoying kid who decided to change their name in high school


F*ck it I’m doing it!


From this day forward, Secret Chickies Business will now be known as


Unstoppable Chicks

because that is what we are “ ( said in my very best Bridget Jones voice)


This group, this online haven is growing and evolving (and getting even more tight knit too)

What we are is Unstoppable Chicks rocking life together.

Not chasing some impossible pink unicorn of happiness

Not worshipping fake perfection

Loud and proud

Absolutely ourselves

Embracing our flaws and capitalising on our strengths

Cheering each other on


Passing the tissues (and the virtual wine) when the times get tough.

In a private little membership group, away from the world.

Plan is to cap the group numbers when it reaches its happy place.

It will never be a huge impersonal sea of faces… simply a safe supportive space for us to keep on rocking life together.

Because together we are unstoppable.

So short version-

Bye bye Secret Chickies Business… hello UNSTOPPABLE CHICKS!

New name

Same vibe

Same tribe

We would love for you to come and join us.


You can click here to find out more and to buy a 12 month pass.


Sue xxx


Sue Muller