5 ways to feel unstoppable

5 ways to feel unstoppable.png

When your mojo is in the toilet,

When you’re having a crap day.

When you’re feeling defeated, overwhelmed, frustrated, flat… and you’re struggling to find your sparkle…

The frigging last thing you need is some patronizing Pollyanna telling you to

cheer up,

things could be worse,

look on the bright side,

here read this inspirational quote

have you tried meditation

it might be the moon.

Well never fear, because today I’ve got you 5 quick, practical things you can do right now, that might help distract you long enough to flick a switch and get you back into the feeling unstoppable zone.

Are you ready????

Here we go…


Stop (hammer time)

Take a deep breath.

Remind yourself of where you’ve been.

Remind yourself of where you’re going.

Remind yourself of all the shit you’ve been through to get to where you are at this moment in time.

Ask yourself this chickie question:

In a week, a month a year, in 10 years time… how pissed off will I be with myself if I give up right now?

Break out your favourite theme song (or the coffee… you can also put wine in my chickie keep cups… no one will notice shhhhhh) – I don’t care if it’s eye of the bloody tiger … anything puts a fist pumping beat into the back of your mind, and makes you want to grab a hair brush and give the best karoke performance of your life. Do it!!!!



Find a new soundtrack. A bit of a chant that you can repeat to yourself quietly in your head as you go about your day. ( I personally like, I can I will I am ) anything that will remind you that you are unstoppable… that you are all over this sh*t.



Who are your people?  The ones who feel like home, who remind you of your magic when you have forgotten? The people who feel like sunshine. Call them, text them, make a date to catch up with them.
And also while you’re there, think about what you wish for them… because you should be wishing all that good stuff for your lovely self too you know.



Now do something ANYTHING… the smallest, weeniest, teeniest thing that you can do towards changing whatever that mojo drainer is that has been dragging you down. 

Because newsflash… it is that first step that hurts the most.

Once you have taken that first step you will start to smell that sweet smell of unstoppable…. And like the smell of coffee and doughnuts in the morning… You will keep on walking.

And you will be on your way again.


Sue xxx




Sue Muller