The Unstoppable Chicks Manifesto

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The Unstoppable Chicks Manifesto goes out to the chicks who know what it’s like to feel...


Swept along, treading water, like you’re going through the motions.

Overwhelmed and frustrated, as if you’re spreading yourself so thinly, that you’re doing a half-arsed job of everything, and pleasing no one.

Fucking tired of hearing yourself talking about all of things you want to do… busting to shut up and actually start doing it.

Bored with the relentless pursuit of perfect and someday.

SO over listening to gossipy, toxic, pointless conversations judging other people’s choices, money, relationships, cars, houses, children, lives… yawn!  And thinking “dear god there’s got to be more to life than this.

Tired of putting yourself last.

Completely OVER feeling busy, rushed, exhausted.  Swept along by other people’s expectations and demands.”

Knowing there MUST be other top chicks out there who feel the same way.

Oh I’m so hearing you sister!!!

Sooner or later, I reckon that most of us get to the point where something clicks (or snaps) and we say

"NO MORE!!!"

“I’m too old for this sh*t.”

“Stuff this for a joke!”

“Life is too short and fragile to be living this way.”

You may have called it a light-bulb or aHA moment, an awakening  perhaps – call it whatever airy fairy word you like,

in my books…

you said e-f*cking-nough!

You pressed fast forward and pictured yourself still doing this same sh*t 20 years down the track and let’s just say you’re not impressed.

You said,

Hang on a moment…

F*ck putting on a big fake happy smile to the world.

Stick being everyone else’s best friend but my own.

Stuff chasing perfect and feeling like I’m not good enough.

I just want to be out there living the bejesus out of this great big adventure of a life.

Stuff wasting precious minutes, hours, of my life hanging with people who are happy to spend their time judging and comparing houses, cars, jobs, lives… you wish you were anywhere else, THIS STUFF DOESN’T MATTER, IT DOESN’T DEFINE WHO YOU ARE…. You feel like screaming!

But wait…

STOP!  (Hammer time.)


Let the noise of the complaining and gossiping turn into distant background music, smile at them (like you actually give a sh*t) and then silently drift off into a daydream.   Start imagining a different way of living, a different way of feeling.

Imagine yourself waving bye bye to chasing perfect, to bitchy high school crap, to wasting time on stuff that doesn’t matter… saying 'toodle-loo' to feeling like you’re not enough, like you’re living in Groundhog Day, that no one sees or hears you.

Let your mind drift to a private, fun online place where...

You can breathe out.

Be unapologetically you.

Get on with living the best life that you know how.

Work on your grit, your inner strength, your ability to bounce back when life slaps you down.

Be surrounded by people who want that too… who get you.


What if you could climb into your own little Secret Superhero Cubby House.

A sanctuary.

A go-to destination for support, accountability, and personal growth.

Hang out with a tribe of like minded chicks, who are also committed to making small daily choices on their mission to reach their hopes and dreams, and to celebrate the f*ck out of the highs and lows along the way.

Lifting each other up.

Taking action instead of just talking about it.

Chicks who wholeheartedly believe that it’s their time to live life, better, smarter, kinder, without a-fucking-pologies thankyou thank-you-very-much.

Yeah Pollyana,

“What evs”

you may well say…

How the fuck would you know?

It looks like you live a charmed life, like you’ve got your sh*t together… easy to for you to say.

How would I know?

Well spoiler alert, I sure as hell didn’t read the way you’re feeling in your tea leaves, your aura, your chakra or your cards …

I know it because I’ve been there too.

A good 7 years ago now, I also reached a point where I said no f*cking more, and I changed the way I lived my life.

I was sick of feeling hollow, sick of bitchy, nasty gossipy, complaining, of experiencing fakery relationships, lifestyles and people. (yes I think I just made the word 'fakery' up... sue me!)

Sick of witnessing my teenage daughters navigating a similar course, and wanting to show them by example that you don't have to let it break you, that you can choose to live a different way.

I had lots of beautiful people in my life, but I hardly ever got to hang out with them because I felt trapped wasting time on stuff that didn’t matter.

Yep, I had my own e-f*cking-nough moment, and boy did I need to make A LOT of changes.

Including walking away from a family business that I had devoted almost 10 years of my blood, sweat and tears, time, heart and soul co-creating, building and working in.  Armed with nothing but my dignity and a suitcase of invaluable business and life lessons,

I took a deep breath and I built this online community called Smile Chickie, for myself and other likeminded folk who are also ready.

Stop chasing perfect. Know you are enough. On a mission to live a no-bullsh*t life.

If you don’t mind… :)

Ever since then, I’ve been on a mission to create resources and opportunities for chicks who want to get on with it, a place for us to belong, to cheer each other on, to get stuff done instead of just talking about it.

Over the years, this online tribe of gorgeous souls keeps on steadily growing – it makes me so happy.

YOU make me so happy.

Another thing that life keeps teaching me is that - Living lives that we love the fuck out of isn’t about sprinkling magical fairy dust and a wishin' and a hopin' and a prayin'.

In true

it’s the journey not the destination

style, I now know that it’s totally the small daily choices, the consistent action that gets stuff done.  That is absolutely what gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

It’s also ‘the doing’ of that stuff (including getting through the tough times) that makes up the rich tapestry, weaves the fabric that makes up the substance of our lives, the best parts of who we are.

What makes that “journey” (bleurgh, I hate that word) a 100 million gazillion times better and more satisfying is having a crew of no-bullsh*t people who’ve got your back.

Who hear you, who see you, who’ll call you on your crap if they need to.

Who remind you that you are not alone.

To have something to believe in and to belong to.

Which is why, a while ago, I added in something a little extra to Smile Chickie.

It’s called the Unstoppable Chicks, and it’s my hands down favourite online place to be.

It is a private Secret Superhero Cubby House.

A more personal and private space than the public Smile Chickie social media pages.  A place where everyday secret superheroes are getting on with life, and cheering each other on as they do the same.

The Unstoppable Chicks is another option for us to hang out together.

So if you’re on a mission to live a no-bullshit life, if being an Unstoppable chick sounds like your kind of thing, then I would love for you to join us.

I would LOVE for you to click here or on the FAQ page here , to get the full run down.

It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s ok. (we’re not Nutella)

All of the usual Smile Chickie action will continue to keep on growing and flowing regardless.

However Smile Chickie fits into your life, I am so happy and grateful that you are here.

Keep on shining lovely chickies.

Thank-you SO much for being a part of Smile Chickie.


Sue xxx



Sue Muller