Unstoppable Anthems

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So I was staying with my cousins, and their gorgeous young daughters over in Western Australia on a recent chickie road trip, and one day after school pick up, as we all sat drinking milkshakes looking out at the beautiful green ocean, we started laughing about my dodgy ipod play list and the power of a good old fist pumping anthem song to fire us up and keep us going when times get tough.  

I personally believe that we all need to have a playlist of songs that make us feel unstoppable.

Ready to pull out when the sh*t has hit the fan, when you’re on the comeback trail.

Something that’s going to motivate and inspire you to launch yourself back into the arena of life in all of your dorky fist pumping glory.

Music can so easily flick you back into the motivated zone or take you back to a time where you felt unstoppable, like the world was your oyster, that there was unlimited potential and possibility… hope for the future.

We started laughing and going through my dodgy playlist full of some classic dorky unstoppable anthem songs… most of which they’d never heard of.


We found

George Michael – I think you’re amazing

The Go Gos  - Our lips are sealed

Roxette  - Dangerous

Nelly Furtado – Say it right

Salt and peppa – Push it real good (da de da da da da da da ti da da..)

Pat Benatar – Love is a battlefield, and I am the warrior

Laura Branigan - Gloria

Pink - Raise your glass

Rachel Platten – Fight song

Before I got brain freeze and the party was over.  DOH!


We finished our milkshakes and headed off into the sunny afternoon with the windows down, the salty sea breeze blowing through our hair

and Jack and Dianne blasting from the car stereo (thank you thankyouverymuch Sue’s dodgy playlist)

and as you can imagine, I’ve probably been banned from school pick ups going forward…


So what about you my lovely chickie friend?

Is there an unstoppable anthem song running through your head right now too?

Don't be shy... we’ve all got a favourite.

When was the last time that you grabbed your dodgy playlist and got out with the wind in your hair?

Let’s all turn our stereos up loud shall we?


Together we are unstoppable.


Sue xxx



Sue Muller