The time it takes is the time it takes...

the time it takes is the time it takes.png


When your life gets tipped upside down.

When the sh*t hits the fan.

When you’ve taken an unplanned detour to uncertainty town.

When you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you’re chewing like f*ck… or even better, when all of these things happen at once. (cheers universe… very funny!)




Knowing yourself well enough to take the time it takes to get yourself through, is a strength not a weakness.

If you need to take life slowly, withdraw a bit, focus on one thing at a time, recharge, look after you instead of everyone else for a change, it doesn’t make you rude, weak, a special snowflake, a fragile bird with a broken wing that needs to be handled with kid gloves. (Though doses of genuine empathy never go astray thanks.)

It’s ok to take the time it takes to survive.

And do you know what?

You don’t owe an explanation to anyone.

Get your very personal recipe right, and eventually one morning you will wake up and notice that the ball of excruciating dread in the pit of your stomach is more like a distant, dull ache.

Your mojo has started to slowly come creeping back, like the teenager that just realised after they yelled at you that they need a lift somewhere.

Facing the world, opening your emails doesn’t make you feel sick.

You feel the warm wind on your face, and you start to feel strong again.

The people who are your people won’t try and kick you while you’re down, they will love you anyway, and the very best ones will be there with a hug and a glass of wine when you eventually stick your head up.

Saying thank f*ck you’re back!

There is no right way to grieve, to live, to love. No one-size-fits-all way to get through the dodgier times that life throws at us. 

But one thing I know for sure, is that in the wise words of Everything but the Girl…  

When we meet what we’re afraid of, we find out what we’re made of…

The time it takes is the time it takes…   xxx

Sue Muller