The Rhythm Method...


Well hello lovely mid year chickies… 

 How’s your rhythm looking?

 Did you start off the year (like me) with the best of intentions to choose ‘evolve’ over repeat, and whoaaaa Nelly it seems to be Julyyyyyyyyyy and let’s just say *cough you’ve still got some work to do?

Oh boy do I hear ya sista!!! 

Carlos (my trusty laptop) and I have definitely had a few significant wins in the evolving stakes so far this year… reached quite a few little (and some not so little) bumps in the road and thought… hmmm how can I deal with this old chestnut differently this time? 

Most notably:

  • Evolved at choosing the lesson over the wound (thank you @DrRebeccaRay)

  • Evolved at noticing where I create mountains and timelines that no fucker is ever going to be able to climb and wonder why I get a stitch! 

  • Evolved at saying “fuck it I’m in” more often than I used to. 

All that evolving surely can take it out of a chick.

In amongst all of the real life action, Carlos and I seem to have gotten ourselves well and truly out of the writing rhythm

And as we all know… rhythm is kind of important :)

2 things I know for sure from ye old coaching days are that : some accountability and lots of small daily choices fix a whole lot of stuff. 

Yes my loves, it’s time to stop the pulling out at the last minute and get regular again.

Carlos and I are going to try and blog every second Friday for a while (not every Friday because helloooo evolve point 2 on mountains above)… and see if we can’t find our rhythm again…

Even though writing is one of my favourite things to do, I’m a bit out of practice so they’re likely to be short and sweet. 

Yes my fine chickie friends… we’re bound to look a lot like Theresa May at the start… 

but a bit of rhythm practice and Carlos and I will be back in fully fledged Hugh Grant in Love Actually form before you know it. 

And pretty soon we’ll be Beyonce AF!!!

TA DA!!!!

Anyho, enough of my smooth dance moves, tell me about you.
What thing has gone on the back burner at your house of late? Where might you get your rhythm right?
Where can you step it up a little? Commit to some small daily choices… and accounta-fucking-bility?

Remember that at smile chickie we’re all about the …repeat or evolve this year…

Want to get out and Theresa May it on the dance floor with me for a while until we find our inner Beyonce again… 

Look forward to seeing you out there… 

Cheers to dorky dancing together. xxx



Sue Muller