Consider this a permission slip...

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Consider this a permission slip…

If you’ve had a sh*t week, too much to juggle, to wrangle, to balance, to get your head around. 

Maybe you’ve been feeling this way for a while. You’ve been swallowing down the hurt, minimising the affect of doing so… saying ‘that’s ok’ when it’s totally f*cking not… until eventually the tiny things that you usually let wash over you are paralysing and feel like too much to bear. (or bare… in this cold weather, I’m going with the first one)

Maybe one last thing tipped you over and you’ve finally said out loud something that you should have said a long time ago.

Maybe you had to have brave conversations, make yourself super vulnerable, get out in arena and get your arse kicked.

Maybe you’re f*cking exhausted. Maybe you’re sick and tired of being the strong one, the kind one, the happy go lucky one.

Maybe you’ve been carrying a lot lately, and maybe something happened that was the straw that broke the camel’s back… to the outside world it might have seemed like such a tiny thing, but it was the last in a long line of hard things for you, where you finally snapped and went … that’s it, I’m done.

Bloody adulting!!!

Maybe a beautiful kind friend pulled you close and said, love… open your eyes, this is not ok. You deserved so much better. This is too much to carry alone, you have every right to feel this way. 

And maybe you finally acknowledged that she was right… 

But maybe you are bone tired, and having yet another tough vulnerable conversation to resolve this crap seems way too exhausting. 

This is your permission slip to stop. To breathe out. To take the time it takes to recharge… to do the things that you know fill your cup. To be kind to yourself.  

To ask yourself:

What am I feeling right now? – and to sit in that rather than try to fix it.

How interesting, what can I learn from this? – because there is always, always something to learn.  

Repeat or evolve: what might I do differently this time that younger me would have been too shit scared to do?

Permission to stay inside under the heater in your jarmies all weekend if you need to. (Wine optional) To prioritise your health, your heart. To press pause.

The world will still be there when you come back, and you totally have what it takes to make it through. 

This is your permission slip… xxx


Sue Muller