Are you doing what you love?

There’s this thing I do that I love…

I had one of those ‘happy sigh’ moments the other day.


You know those great moments in sporting history when everything is right in the world, when you are doing something that makes your heart happy?

I’d finished a morning of coaching with the biggest smile on my dial.

Hearing the pride and excitement in my client’s voices as they were telling me about the progress that they had made in the direction of their dreams.

Hearing them start to notice the way that they had been speaking to themselves, where they are holding themselves back, selling themselves short… and at last proclaiming… f*ck this for a joke!

Hearing the strength and the passion, the energy returning to their voices. Seeing the sparkle to their eyes.

Listening to them taking the time and space to stop and think about what THEY wanted for a change. Instead of running themselves ragged with everybody else’s demands and expectations.

Stepping up, asking for what they needed.

Simplifying, de-cluttering, re-evaluating their lives, and getting back to the stuff that really matters.

Believing in themselves dammit!

I grinned and laughed, because if you had told me that this kind of job existed 10 years ago, I’d have said


This morning when I was smiling away to myself, I realised that at it’s most basic

I work with lovely, kind smart, genuine people,

Who want to do life better.

Who the hell doesn’t want to do life better? (I hear you shout!)

Ah yes, fair point.

There are people who talk a lot about doing life better.

But I get to work with some of the people who actually take a deep breath and do something about it.

And god they make me smile!

Not everyone’s up for a bit of coaching action.

And fair enough too.  In the wise words of some person on the Internet:

“You can’t make everyone happy, you are not Nutella.”

Luckily for me, some people (MY KIND OF PEOPLE) do.

They might choose a coach because:

  • They know someone else who’s been to one and have been blown away by the results their friend achieved.
  • They come across a coach online or in real life that seems like their kind of person and they think why the hell not!
  • They’ve tried to take on the world by themselves and ended up not following through, and pissed off. (Doh!)
  • Lots of times there’s something keeping them up at night and they can’t stand it any longer, and so they think what have I got to lose.

And there are some people who’ve worked with a great coach before and they know from experience that having someone to:

  • support them to come up with a realistic, powerful goal and an achievable path to get there,
  • walk beside them,
  • cheer them on,
  • remind them why the hell they’re doing this when the going gets tough.
  • hold them accountable to do what they said they would do.

Is really f*cking powerful.

That it makes things an adventure, not a chore or a punishment, and it bloody works!

I love that the people I work with aren’t needy souls looking for someone to wave a magic wand and do the work for them.

Do I give you the answers? – Nope!

Do I tell you what you should do? – Nope!

Do I ask a sh*tload of tough questions? – Yep!

Do I 100% have your back as you get out there and make magic? – HELL YEAH!

I get to work with people who already know they’ve got strengths, (I like to call them superpowers because clearly it sounds WAY cooler), who know they’ve got a lot to offer the world.

  • They might have hit a bump in the road and need some support to get them back on track with all cylinders firing.
  • They might be in the middle of some big changes and need support and courage to steady their ship.
  • They always want to find ways to get better, to improve, to get more bang for their buck, make the absolute most of what they’ve got and of this precious adventure of a life that we have all been given.

They want to shine those strengths up get their sh*t together.

They want to DO stuff instead of just talking about it.

Coaching fits in so well with what my Smile Chickie online community is all about, which is doing whatever I can do to help or inspire others to know that:

They are enough.

They don’t have to listen to the mean voice in their head that says they can’t. (Who do you think you are, you’re not good enough, skinny, pretty, smart, rich enough… blah te blah te blah…)

That it’s 100% A-ok to want more, to be more.

That perfect is a boring, superficial illusion.

That living a gritty REAL life is where the joy, substance, magic and satisfaction lives.

Makes me so happy.

Is coaching for everyone? – Sh*t no!

Can it change the lives of the people for whom it is? – Sh*t yeah! (If they are prepared to put the work in.)

It’s working with glorious people like these that makes me smile every day, they inspire and motivate me to keep moving forward and doing more of what I love too… bonus!

If you know anyone that sounds like my kind of people, please send them my way… you can never have too many can-do people in your world. That’s what I reckon anyway.

But, enough of me, what about YOU?

Tell me beautiful people, do YOU get to do work that you love?

Is there something that really makes you smile?

How could you get a bit more of that kind of action happening in your world?

What one tiny thing could you do today to get you even a baby step closer to that sort of magic?

Maybe its time to put down your technology and get out there and take some action….

In the wise words of Marianne Williamson: “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.”

Shine on lovely chickies.

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