Believe in yourself dammit.

I was admiring the roses in my front yard today.

I love spring! It's that beautiful time where what were just thorny sticks all winter have magically sprouted beautiful glossy green, shiny leaves, and out of no where appears a sea of rosebuds. Today I noticed that some have opened and they are glorious.

It got me to thinking about life (oh oh)

Yep brace yourselves for some ‘chickie logic’ my lovelies

You see, I saw the thorny sticks all winter, but I did not worry about the well-being of the rose bush. I just accepted that as part of the season of things, accepted that come spring with the right conditions there would be a magnificent comeback.

Around September the new shiny leaves arrived. (tick)

I saw the leaves and I was not surprised. It was more ‘oh yes here you are, good on you.’

And the beautiful buds, (so full of magical hope and potential). I notice them there waiting to blossom, and I do not worry that they will not bloom. I feel warm anticipation. Because I know that the bush has done everything else right, it has survived winter, its had sunshine and rain and put in all of the hard work already, it just has to keep doing what it’s doing and those tiny buds will open and be beautiful flowers exactly when the time is right.

I don’t give it a second thought.

So today’s chickie light globe moment came while I was smiling at those beautiful glorious roses.

Why don’t we believe in ourselves like we believe in the roses?

We trust that the flowers will open, Why don’t we have faith in our own future blooming? When we have planted our own seeds and watered them religiously.

Why do we waste precious time and energy on the 'what ifs' and what we have no control over? Why is it so hard to just let things be what they will be?

If I had worried about whether or not the roses would make a spring comeback, would it have changed the outcome?


Best I could do was give them the right conditions to blossom and get on with what I could/can control.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to trust and have faith in the process?

So I ask you today lovely chickies…

Is it time for your own magnificent comeback?

What roses have you been worrying about?

If you’re putting in the hard work, then how much more of the outcome is really in your control?

What mountains could you be moving with that magical energy instead?

How about we all take a lesson from the roses and practice trusting ourselves a little more.

Here's to having a little faith...

BlogSue Muller