Cheers to the chicks who did not peak at high school.

Meet my gorgeous friend Jacs...

(below, not above... the pigtails in the photo above are all mine baby!)

Together we survived High School, giggled a lot, ate truckloads of Twisties, and bonded over many a West Coast Cooler.

My singing career went into steady decline when I stopped being her back up singer and came to the painful realization that I was tone deaf… she, on the other hand, has worked her beautiful arse off following her heart and passion to become an opera singer extraordinaire… and by god I couldn’t be prouder of her.

A couple of months ago when she sang the national anthem at the Australian Open Women’s Tennis Final (WAY better than Meatloaf could ever dream of) I was proudly singing along in the privacy of my lounge room with a West Coast Cooler in my hand and ugly crying my squinty little eyes out….

(Image courtesy of Tennis Australia) 

(Image courtesy of Tennis Australia) 


Were we the cool kids at school? … no bloody way!

Does that mean jack sh*t? – ah NO!!!!!

Did we still have fun and make unshakeable lifelong friendships? – sh*t yeah!

Which leads me to this post today…

Today I want to give a great big massive

Cheers to the chicks who did not peak at High School.

A shout out to

The girls with dresses that went below their knees.

Who were more likely to be in trouble for giggling up the back of class than smoking behind the shelter shed.

Who weren’t necessarily the most “popular”.

Who might have felt like they didn’t always fit in.

Who were often easy targets for people were looking to deflect attention away from their own insecurities.

Who didn’t always wear what everyone else was wearing, or have the “right hair”.

Who know what its like to be looked up and down.

Who might have been dumped because they chose not to put out. (frigid ooooooh)

Who survived that awful feeling of putting on the cheerful fake smile when they had to line up and get picked last for every sports team. (Which f*ckwit PE teacher dreamt up that unneccesary exercise in public humiliation by the way???)

Or the annual dread of swimming sports day.

Who actually did their homework (sometimes they even enjoyed it shhhh)

Could never remember whether it was socks up or down season.

Who aimed to quietly blend in.

This one goes out the quiet achievers.

Who got on with it.

Gave it a crack.

Made their own magic.

Cheers to you for making it through.

Cheers to you for getting out there and living.

For seeing

  • those years,
  • those experiences,
  • the politics,

for what they were.

For learning from it all, and using those powerful lessons to take you forward, as foundation stones for building an incredible life.

Maybe it took a while for you to realise how truly cool and exceptional you are.

How much you had to offer the world.

How you are smart, funny, kind and oh so capable.

That the only person you need to compete with, to prove anything to is yourself.

You my lovelies are true secret superheroes.


As Brene Brown so eloquently put it at a recent School of Life presentation in Sydney… cheers to the kids no one wants to sit with in high school and then everyone wants to be later.

Who don’t see High School as their glory years, the best days of their lives… more like a (mostly happy) chapter in a great big ongoing adventure.

And an extra big cheers to the ones who were on hand years later (often with wine) to help me remind my own teenage daughters that even though High School is an important chapter in your life, its not your entire story, it doesn’t define you.

  • That it’s not forever.
  • That the power of the mean girl is temporary.
  • That it is never too late to for you to be whatever you want to be.

Cheers to these women of substance, who went on to do amazing things.

Who stand before the young women in their lives today, as living breathing examples of what is possible.

Maybe they weren’t the coolest kids in school…

But you could not wish to find or know more kind, generous, loved, beautiful, REAL people.

Who are out there living their own definition of success.

Who give so much to the world.

More your Amy Poehler and Tina Fey combos than cookie cutter Kardashians.

They sure as shit didn’t peak at high school and thank f*ck for that!

So cheers to my beautiful friend Jacs, and to all of the other non-peakers out there… you know who you are. (*cough Suez)

Can I just say, you rock!!!

let’s dance it out with a little clip shall we….. 

p.s You can find the gorgeous Jacs  here. Warning. Don't try and out sing her, she's REALLY good, and she gets ALL the high notes! xxx

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