Cheers to the chicks we admire.


Today I want to give a cheer to the awesome chicks of this world… so there!!!

Do you find that there are certain kinds of people who wander into your life with an infectious kind of energy, who just make you smile?

They inspire you to keep going. They show you by their example, that living a life you love IS possible, give you hope that if you just keep moving forward and believing in yourself and your dreams, that you can make it too?

I LOVE those kind of chicks! They rock! They are my chickie superheros.

So lovely chickies, let’s raise our glasses today, to the chicks that we adimire!!!

To the

Chicks who know who they are.

Chicks who know what they want.

Chicks who own it!

Chicks who are not afraid of working hard to reach those goals either.

They don’t feel the need to stand on anyone else to get there.

Chicks who make mistakes and OWN them. Who would rather ‘have a go’ than live with ‘what ifs’.

They don’t apologise for knowing what they want and how they want their life to feel.

They don’t live life this way to look good, they are just being who they are.

Chicks who accept and celebrate their imperfections

The warrior chicks, who get out in the arena and show others how it’s done.

Chicks with great big infectious laughs and smiles

Who support other chicks, whether it’s personal or in business.

Open, honest, REAL


And kind.

Never assume that these chicks are perfect. They’ve got the exact same fears, doubts and insecurities we all do, their inner mean girl still probably says the same stuff that ours does. They’ve just learned and chosen to keep moving forward regardless… we love that shit!

They’re not always famous.

Which is lucky, because they will occasionally go out in public with their zip undone or a bit of a cake on their face.

There’s a fair chance that they have accidentally dropped their phone or wallet in the toilet, drunk text an ex, or made a complete dick of themselves more than once. Remember that even these chicks put their superhero capes in the wash every now and then and have a human day.

But that makes us love them even more… because they survive.

They get back up again

They laugh at themselves, they learn the lesson, they keep on moving.

So a great big cheers to those gorgeous inspirational people that get out there and show us how it’s done

Gutsy Effort Ladies!!!

And while you’re got those glasses in the air lovely people,

While you’re thinking of someone else, remember that right now, someone out there may well be ‘cheersing’ you.

YOU have your very own set of chickie superpowers.

And by keeping going, by doing what you do, you can bet your arse that you are inspiring some one else out there too.

So keep on being amazing.

You never know who is watching and gaining strength, inspiration and joy from watching you go out into the arena and living the best life you know how.

Keep on shining lovely chickies.

You all rock!


Who do YOU admire lovely chickies?

Let them know, let them know how much they mean to you, what an excellent job they are doing, how much you inspire them… dammit!

Shout them out, and celebrate!

BlogSue Muller