Cheers to the warrior chickies.


To the warriors…

The world lost a secret superhero last week.

A husband lost his wife.

A little girl lost her mother.

A family lost their beloved daughter and sister.

Many of us lost a very dear and much loved friend.

Pardon my French, but cancer f*cking sucks.

Over the past 18 months since she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, I have watched a massive smile, a kind and generous nature, a wicked sense of humour,

A beautiful person, mother, wife and friend

Standing in the face of nightmare.

We all stood in absolute awe as she picked up her shield and her sword and fought like a warrior.

With courage, grace, superhuman strength and dignity right until the very end.

Watched how one (incredible, amazing) woman singlehandedly, while wrestling all of that, changed the lives of everyone she knew, met and touched…

Simply by being who she was.

In a lifetime cut tragically short, she didn’t climb Mt Everest or find a cure for cellulite.

She did something far more powerful and beautiful.

She embodied love, laughter and heart.

She brought people together.

Showed them what is important and what isn’t.

Reminded them of the fragility and shortness of this precious life that we have all been given.

Left a legacy that will be with us all forever. A massive gift to the world… to her family, her circle of friends, her community…

So next time you catch yourself thinking

Who am I to be or do anything special?

One person can’t make a difference.

I want you to stop and think again.

I want you to remember our secret superhero friend, and the beautiful loved ones that YOU have adored, who have also gone before their time.

You have been blessed with time that my friend, and so many like her would have desperately loved to have had… that her precious young daughter, her adoring husband, her loved ones would give anything for her to have back.

You have breath, you have time, you have opportunity.

Put down your phone, turn off your technology, and go and hug the people that you love a little tighter, tell them and show them how much you love and appreciate them, that you are grateful for every precious moment that you get to spend together.

Make memories.

Let’s honour those who are not here with us anymore by living the f*ck out of what time we have left and not taking one precious moment for granted.

Are you with me lovely chickies???


P.S. If you would like to make a difference to other warrior chickies who find themselves in the same situation… check out this very special place, and please consider making a donation. The staff at Anam Cara do the most beautiful, sacred work, and make a huge difference, in a way that is difficult to appreciate unless you have found yourself or a loved one in such a position.

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