Chickie kindness challenge.


Well hello there dear chickies…..

(insert drumroll here….)as part of our happy January celebrating all things chickie, and to further our quest to show extra appreciation for each other and the positives in our lives,I have devised an


(look it up in the “chickie” dictionary, I’m sure its there…) plan…

the random acts of chickie kindness challenge


so here’s the deal:

1. write a list of the most loveliest chicks in your life (see it’s easy so far…)

2. over the next 4 weeks, perform at least one random, unexpected act of kindness to show each of these special people that you love them and appreciate all that they do to make your world a smil-ier (yes, also a word… think I might write my own dictionary), happier place to be. 3. Post your acts of kindness on the smile chickie wall to give the rest of us inspiration

4. Share this blog post far and wide, in order to encourage lovely chickies everywhere to spread the smiles and gratitude.

Are you with me chickies?????? (please say yes… talking 2 yourself is extremely dorky!)

Let’s go on a mission to acknowledge and appreciate the people who stand by us, who cheer us on, who enrich our lives Now, these acts of kindness don’t have to be expensive or time consuming…. Make time for an uninterrupted coffee, ring or text a lovely friend and let her know you care, send her some flowers (or a smile chickie book) leave a trashy magazine and a block of chocolate on her doorstep(clearly not sitting in the sun…), sneak around and take the washing off the line for her, offer to babysit so she can go out for a romantic dinner… Send her a pretty card, write the words “thankyou” on her facebook wall…. It doesn’t have to cost anything except for your time….

Making someone feel special and valued is a priceless gift, that I can assure you, will never be forgotten.

So go forth and be silly, honest and kind dear chickies…

And to start things off, let me thank


for being a part of smile chickie,

and for the fun and laughter and support that you have given me over the past year…


(yes, i know that clearly, we have not been wearing aprons and skipping around in a field all year, but its a great photo! ) you could have no idea how much I appreciate it…. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy: They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

- Marcel Proust

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