Closing chapters, and starting new ones.


Closing chapters and starting new ones....  

I love pretty stationery, journals and binding…. The colours and textures.. the smell and feel of the fresh, brand new shiny paper inside…. Oooh clean and untainted… its funny because in the past I have been notoriously crap at letting go. Clutching onto yesterdays and what might have been, in fear of the unknown. Like the last tim tam in the packet… holding on so hard that it eventually melts and crumbles in my hand anyway! Really should have just let go in the first place. Instead of wrestling my sister to the ground. In future when clutching, I am going to try to remember the brand new shiny journal just waiting for me to open its pages and write a new, exciting story and leave the bloody tim tam to someone else to enjoy.

what are you clutching onto that you really should let go of????

"there will come a time when you believe everything is finished. that will be the beginning." -louis l'amour

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