Confessions of a wanna-be buff chick.


ok chickies, its confession time…

“my name is sue and I am the queen of good intentions”

I’m ashamed to admit that in my house resides the following exercise equipment:

• a treadmill • one of those walkers that kath and kim have (excellent for hanging washing on…) • a thigh master • some blow up “ab-roll” thing which allegedly is strong enough for a car to drive over without incident, but which I managed to pop the first time I sat on it. • kettle bell weights • a swiss ball • an ab curl pro thing • an exercise bike • a punching bag • a rowing machine • a portable stepper machine • and let’s just not mention the word “zumba” ;) yep, the man from danoz direct probably now owns a small tropical island thanks to this chick! (and danoz direct dude, if you are listening… you would sell A LOT MORE of this stuff if the hot male model demonstrating them on the TV hand-delivered… and at the very least assembled “said equipment” without a shirt on while I watched!) Hmmmm, now if I had used any of these contraptions for more than a week before finding an alternate use (think: clothes hanger, shirt-ironing-waiting-line, door stop, spare seat, paper weight, flotation device…) I would surely be glowing, most likely on the cover of a women’s health magazine, wearing a something stretchy and tight that a small family of lycras or spandexes had to sacrifice their lives for… showing off my buns of steel, rock hard thighs and some sort of “pack” (maybe not a 6, but definitely a 4 pack)

In my defence, it did take a lot of effort to run and get a pen and write down the 1800 number before it disappeared off the tv screen (this offer was NEVER TO BE REPEATED you know!!!). I nearly wore my finger out typing my credit card number into the phone… and by god, I did some serious pacing at the letterbox waiting for the miracle cure for all of my insecurities to arrive… maybe that burnt off a tim tam or 2??? Surely some of the good intention of really truly wanting to use these sporty items counts for something…

Who would have known that just sitting, looking at all of this equipment would burn ZERO CALORIES???

It is a mystery, but I do feel better for admitting my secret shame.

Thanks for listening….


p.s does anyone happen to have an ab-circle pro?... I’m dying to try one of those…. ;)

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