Dear beautiful teenagers who I love, is nothing sacred?


Dear beautiful teenagers who I love… is nothing sacred???

It probably sounds a tad trivial… yes there are big problems in the world.. much more significant and newsworthy than in our little house. And I am fully aware that I have so much to be grateful for… that it is a beautiful sunny day…. BUT… This morning I got up full of sunshine and light, ready to embrace the shiny new day ahead….. There’s no milk in the fridge… though there is a dribble left in an empty bottle on the shelf, which does at least reassre me that there was some yesterday when I ASKED if we had enough for the morning… Serenity now, serenity now…. Who needs calcium anyway? The toothpaste has what looks like a swirly sandcastle of dribble blocking the top, which (whilst extremely attractive) will need to be excavated and cleared before I have any hope of cleaning my teeth… Serenity now, serenity now…. Serenity now……. Once it was finally my turn for the shower, all of the hot water was gone and now I can’t find my hairdryer (if only I had looked in the logical place… someone else’s bedroom floor)… but I’m pretty sure its with my missing hairbrush… luckily for me the windswept look is coming back into fashion! I have graciously signed your 5 permission slips (once I eventually found a bloody pen!) and scrounged around for 20 bucks of excursion money that you suddenly need TODAY because the note’s been sitting in your school bag (with that mushy banana and scrunched up last month’s newsletter…) for the last 2 week…. Perhaps, like a butterfly escaping from its cocoon, it was supposed to break free and fly into my lap?? I have breathed deeply and calmly as I made my toast with vegemite from a jar that had a zillion scrapes of butter holding a salmonella convention around the top… serenity now… serenity now…. I would LOVE to spend the spare moments of my day, running your errands and TRULY, I would drive you to school, but the car battery is flat because someone went out there in the dark last night to retrieve their ipod from the glovebox and left the interior light on… excellent! I can deal with all of that, but SO HELP ME if I have to sit on the toilet one more time and look acoss and see an empty roll of toilet paper staring back at me, I will not be held responsible for my actions!!! And I honestly believe that no jury of chicks would convict me either! THIS IS WHY I NEED COFFEE IN THE MORNINGS!!!!! There endeth the sermon….

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