Enough is enough.

Here’s a little prediction for you my lovelies…

If you live to be old and (cough) wise enough, there will come a day, a moment… where your tolerance for people taking the piss goes from hero to zero.

When you say enough is enough.

A few years ago, for me, it was a quiet moment where I went NO MORE.

Not an angry thing…. just a great big fat NOPE!

I can see that some of you are nodding your heads… and some of you have no idea what I’m talking about… that’s ok, one day you will. (Please feel free to send me a high five email when you do!)

One day you’ll just be going about your business being awesome, when your ‘fuck that for a joke’ moment will come to town.

Chances are, when it arrives, it will be dressed as something relatively minor… it wont be a hanging offence that pushes you over… simply the straw that breaks the camels back.

A millisecond, a moment frozen in time where something just pops.

Where you just can’t do it anymore.

The unfortunate person who was the last one to push your well worn button will probably think you’re hugely overreacting (especially if up until now you’ve always been Little Miss Obliging.)

But like a doormat that is worn out.

A hair elastic that’s been stretched out of shape one time too many and just goes ka-ping,

Like the last squeeze out of the toothpaste tube.

Like getting up in the night to find yourself sitting on a cold bare porcelain lid-upped toilet seat for the millionth time,

And on top of that being left with 1 FUCKING SQUARE of toilet paper.

Or finding your lunch has been stolen from the work fridge.

When some person with the remote decides to click over to the footy right at the crucial bit of that movie you were watching,

Or some wanker turns on the tap while you’re in the shower.

Whether you’ve been

  • Stood up
  • Ignored
  • Betrayed
  • Let down
  • Disrespected

Thing is, everyone has a breaking point

If you were listening in science instead of perving on the hot science teacher in his tiny shorts and white lab-coat you might also know it as reaching your saturation point.

(Mr N, if you’re reading this, thanks for the memories…)

Everyone’s saturation or breaking point is different.

The amount of shit they will put up with before they say e-fucking-nough varies.

But when you reach this point, no matter what the finally straw looked like,

You will be done.

You will finally speak up and say NO MORE and you will mean it.

Your life will never be the same.

Like a light has been shone on your world, you will notice all of the times where people have been taking the piss and you have just been smiling and saying…. Would you like fries with that?

You know the feeling when you’ve been watching a massive, red throbbing zit grow like a hideous extra head on your chin for days, and you finally can’t take it any more, you finally give in and give it a good old squeeze?

Well, like that huge zit squeezing session, when you reach your NO MORE point, you will burst.

And after that moment of ecstacy, there will be a sweet relief.

You realise that the worst thing you thought could happen has happened... and that you are ok.

That you survived.

That the world didn’t end.

You will marvel at the extra space that you have just created in your life to fill with the good stuff. That valuable real estate, made up of all the energy and time you have wasted sucking it up, feeling frustrated and taken for granted, saying yes when inside you were screaming no, will finally be free and available to fill with satisfaction and pride, good times and people who know your worth.

The people who took the piss will either choose to treat you with respect or move onto someone else who will take their shit, either way you will be fine.

The people who loved you before… the ones that count are still there. The best ones are cheering…. “About fucking time!!!”

Your doormat days will be done.

And you will move forward like the superhero you are…. Amen sister!

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