Hating coriander.

I was laughing my arse off the other day at a dear friend of mine who is a long-term whinger about the existence of coriander.

He can sniff it from 20 paces, spot it hidden in a sea of secret sauces and dressings, even uttering the word in his presence will get you a litany of expletives delivered with passion and venom… which is very entertaining and the perfect wind-up if the mood ever takes me.

So imagine his excitement to find a whole Facebook page dedicated to hating coriander! Thousands of his people, all in one cyber-location: coriander hater heaven.   He was in LOVE, and sharing their posts like there was no tomorrow…

I shot him off a private message (private because clearly I don’t need all of the coriander haters of the world raining down on me… one is enough.)

Why don’t you just buy the T-shirt?

And he went:  I WILL !!! ( in capitals, I could almost see him indignantly typing!)

About 2 weeks later, I get sent this picture

(I can assure you that he’s not a dentist, but I still can’t show you his cute little coriander hating face or he’ll kill me... to be fair, he's probably going to kill me just for this shot!)

I spat my coffee across the room and laughed my arse off.

Got me to thinking,

The people I love the most. The people I love to hang out with, are the people who don’t just talk about stuff, they do it.

It’s really easy to throw around the pretty words and promises, the intentions, the gunnas… to go on and on about what’s not making us happy, what isn’t working, what we don’t like.

It’s such an easy, pointless trap to fall into.

Thing is, all the talking and the squawking about it doesn’t change anything, they’re just words. The precious time that we waste indulging in this stuff, gets us nowhere. In fact, it is squandering time that we could have used to make a difference, to make it real.

The people that I love, the people who I choose to surround myself with wherever possible, are the folk who choose to back those words up with sweet, sweet action.

Which is why I say to you today lovely superheroes…

Hows about the next time that you notice your gorgeous self

  • Complaining
  • Bitching
  • Whinging
  • Telling people (or yourself) about how much you don’t like something, that you would like something to be different, or that there is something that you want to be/to do/ to have.
  • Next time you hear yourself handing out empty promises, pretty words, lip-service (especially to the people that you love.)

How’s about you stop, notice, and then consider making a different choice…

Be the person who buys the T-shirt. Who does more than just think, promise, talk about it.

Take some action.

Do what you said you would.

Do something you can be proud of.

Do something that your future self is going to want to hug you for.

Ask yourself, is there something I could do which might make things different? And then go do some of that.

Of course I know that taking action isn’t as simple as waving a magic secret superhero wand dammit!

I’m SO not suggesting that it’s possible to change your whole life, or climb Mount Everest in one day.

We are all magnificent works in progress.

What I mean is, if you love something, (or someone),  if you want more or less of something in your life, then why not start to make small daily choices in the direction of where you want to be? Start choosing to consistently walk towards what you love, towards who you love, towards what matters to you, and away from the ‘coriander’ in your life.

Let’s get T-shirt shopping shall we?

P.S. No coriander was harmed in the writing of this blog.

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You can check it out here shhhhh. xxx

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