Ho ho ho! It's a chickie christmas challenge.


ho! ho! bloody HO!!!!

At this time of year as the Christmas decorations creep in earlier and earlier and the Christmas shopping reminders and lists come thick and fast, I sometimes forget the joy of the season and find myself overwhelmed by the build up of it all….

Combine it with all of the extra “end of school year” stuff, not to mention the usual dramas of day to day chickie life, give it a shake and next thing I know is…

BINGO!!! …..

I’ve found myself rushed and overextended with a rip-roaring (trust me, that’s a word… ) case of mojo-depletus (and if that’s not a word, then it should be!)

Now, those of you with medical experience will realise that there is simply not enough wine or chocolate in the world to rectify a full blown case of this nasty condition… and left unchecked, it is capable of sucking all of the joy out of the festive season!

But 2011 will be different for this chickie- because I’ve got a plan…


(kindly insert drumroll here….)

I’ve decided that prevention is better than a cure (yes, my google certificate to practice medicine is coming in the mail any day now…. )

I can't affect the things that are out of my control (i.e. all of the impending Christmas lead up rush)

BUT I can do something about the way I treat myself….

This christmas I choose gentleness and kindness as my gift to myself…

This chickie has decided to make a conscious decision to do one nice thing for herself every day between now and Christmas That’s a small moment each day between now and Christmas, to stop and centre and be grateful for simple pleasures

Today I gave myself a pedicure… pretty pink toes, half an hour to smile and think about nothing in particular… and then back to reality, with a tiny bit of extra mojo in the tank I’m thinking that tomorrow’s moment will involve a walk in the sunshine… Care to join me chickies????

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