Holy f*ck! I'm a gunna.

Last week, someone ‘helpful’ (with zero nutrition qualifications mind you) was kind enough to inform me I was going to have a heart attack because I was about to eat roast beef for the second time that day… as in 2 slices, in a salad…

Excuse f*cking me!

I eat healthily – well I have all the right ingredients in my cupboard.

I have a sh*tload of books on health and wellness – some of which I’ve even read.

I have lots of meditations downloaded to my phone – I’ve even not fallen asleep through a couple.

And by god do I have some exercise equipment – the clothes are drying nicely hanging on the treadmill, and remember when I almost broke my toe tripping over my kettleball last week?

Surely all that all counts for something?

Pause here for a moment’s indignant silence….

Brace yourself for my uncomfortable realisation


Now I’m not a gunna climb Mt Everest or make a million dollars this month kind of chick. (Actually maybe I should insert a paypal tip jar f*cking button here, for anyone who thinks it would be funny to prove me wrong)

(Hahahahaha actually worked out how to make one…. What a technological f*cking genius!)

I’m a gunna in the little things.

Which is way not cool, because all good Secret Superheroes know that it’s the little things that add up to the big things over time.

Oh f*cking dear, how the hell did I get to be a grown up?

It’s a wonder I have made it this far…

Anyway, enough of the inner mean voice crap.

So I had a bit of a think, and through the fog of recrimination, I saw a shiny glimmer of an opportunity for personal growth in there…

Woohoo!!!   All was not lost.

So I hoiked (how do you even spell that? ) my arse out of the pit of shame…

Into a quiet little Secret Superhero Lifecoach chat with myself.

It’s ok to have it all there, great start Sue…

Now how’s about you buy a bus pass out of smug town and actually start:

  • Doing it.
  • Using it.
  • Practicing it.

Living it, instead of dining out on good intentions eh?

Wouldn’t that be something…

So I went and made myself that frigging beef salad, and I had 4 slices instead of 2… just to stick it up Captain ‘Helpful’…. and newsflash it was delicious!

And good news is folks that I’m not writing this blog post from the cardiac ward, so all’s well that ends well.

I may not have needed a cardiac check, but I was extremely grateful for the reality one.

It’s time to kick the gunna-ing to the curb and hit action town with a vengeance.

Who’s in the mood to join me?

How about we all make a pact to stop gunna-ing on the little stuff.

Instead of distracting ourselves from doing the actual work by concentrating on getting even more new shiny things, let’s do the stuff we’ve got and see how that goes shall we?

If you want extra help to make it stick, tell your support crew, let them in on the fun of holding you accountable, giving you a high five when you start getting it right and not letting you sweep shit under the carpet. I know that I’ll be leaning into my Unstoppable Chicks crew to keep me honest and on track.

If it would help, feel free to send me an email and let me know what your biggest gunna is, info@smilechickie.com so that you know that someone heard and it’s real… I would love to know what you’re working on.

See you next time.

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