I can. I will. Honouring your own superpowers

  • Are you tired of living up to everyone else’s expectations?
  • Are you tired of looking after everyone else’s needs and wants before your own?
  • Does your own self-care come at the very end of a very long to do list?
  • Is there something that you keep putting off until the time is right?
  • Is there something that your heart is aching for?
  • Are you tired of hearing yourself say “One day I’m going to…”

Maybe it’s time to claim back YOU.

Time to celebrate you.

Maybe it’s your time to say:


As a life coach, I see so many of you being brave and stepping out there, having a go,

Taking on a new challenge

Starting a new adventure

  • New job
  • New career
  • New town
  • New school
  • New chapter
  • New life
  • Further study

Making it over a massive hurdle

  • A health crisis
  • A relationship breakdown
  • An unexpected twist in the road

Starting to listen to and look after your own heart and soul.

Sometimes it’s a complete health and fitness overhaul

  • Paleo-ing it up
  • Quitting sugar
  • Learning to run
  • Bought a whole new Lorna Jane wardrobe and you’re ready to rock and roll?

Or maybe you are like me?

  • Going out on your own
  • Backing yourself
  • Taking the road less travelled
  • Following your heart, your dreams, your passion
  • Starting off on a new adventure
  • Navigating a bumpy transition

Lately I have been living my life drunk on a cocktail of equal parts, blind terror, excitement, sheer joy and freedom.

Shaken (mega shaken) up in one of those shiny cocktail shakers and poured (ok sometimes slopped!) into a sparkly glass, and served with a cute little cocktail umbrella on the side.

Exhillarating yes, but also scary stuff lovely people.

Don’t get me wrong, it IS fulfilling and exciting.

Freedom is intoxicating.

It also stretches my comfort zone like you wouldn’t believe.

Do you know how often my inner mean girl comes to town?

The selfish cow pops in most days to remind me how terrified I should be, how fanciful I am, irresponsible, how I’ll probably crash and burn and end up eating cat food.

The world will yell “I TOLD YOU SO!!!!”

“Who do you think you are?”

“You don’t deserve to be happy, to live the life of your dreams, you haven’t got what it takes”

“aherm hello… cellulite!”

I try to be loving and kind to her.

And most days I see her for what she is (a scared little person who loves me and just wants me to stay in a nice safe happy place and not dream any bigger, because she knows how to survive there).

I know that deep down she is trying to protect me.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that some days she totally gets under my skin.

This is why I’ve got my chickie secret superhero ring.

Yep a few months ago, I sat down with the lovely Celeste, who on top of being a chick who knows exactly how to be brave and live her dreams, also happens to be a superstar internationally renowned fine jeweller.

We designed a stunning solid sterling silver chickie secret superhero ring, an exquisite piece of jewellery with meaning.

Because you know what? I’m worth that, what I’m building is worth that.

I was tired of selling myself short, of giving to everyone else but not to me.

Inside the ring, either side of a heart, Celeste has imprinted the simple words:

I can I will

To remind me every moment of every day that I’ve got this.

That it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me, or of my hopes, dreams, aspirations.

They are mine and my absolute right.

(Just as YOURS are too.)

And, what truly matters is that I know on the inside.

So when I’m feeling overwhelmed, swimming out into unfamiliar waters, like a duck gliding across the surface, but legs going a million miles and hour underneath where no one else can see it.

When I’ve got a mountain to climb.

When I need to find the energy, the strength to keep on going.

I look down at my secret superhero ring and I smile, and I breathe and I remember…

I’ve got this!



I can

I will

I am enough

I’m tough

I am fucking worth it!!!!!

And when that pesky inner mean girl voice pops into my head, I just say… shut up and talk to the ring sista!!!!

So lovely chickies, if YOU want to check out my secret superhero rings, be warned…

They are not flimsy pieces glitter that will warp and fade.

Like the women who wear them, they are solid, beautiful creations of the highest quality.

I am worth it. And so are you.

My daughters have one, my beautiful sister, my mum, my gorgeous girlfriends, my support crew, many of my gorgeous clients have started wearing them, word is spreading…

People have given them to their own daughters, to their friends, to their superhero loved ones… and we are slowly starting own little tribe of gorgeous chickies ,who are out there owning their own individual superpowers.

Moving forward, remembering their own worth, their hopes their dreams.

Celebrating this big rollercoaster that is life.

It’s not perfect but by god it’s amazing.

If you want to join us in owning your own secret chickie superpowers, in celebrating YOUR own magic - that which is uniquely yours, that no one else can take away.

If you want to remind yourself of that every single day.

That you can and you will.

You can click here to buy one for yourself.

And when you are walking down the street, and you see another chickie wearing her superhero ring with pride.

Give her a special smile.

Because she is working her own special kind of magic too.

She is your people.

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