Letting go.


A really

  • funny,
  • freaky,
  • weird,
  • magic
  • special

(sorry I couldn’t choose which word summed it up the best, so you’re getting all 5)

ah-ha moment happened to me the other week.

It was the day of the Melbourne Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA) Inspiration Day.

(For those of you that don’t know, I am uber blessed to be a trainer at BYCA, and a few times a year, a group of very special newly trained life coaches, as well as coaches in training, and certified coaches gather together and celebrate each other, themselves, and being part of such an incredible organization and sisterhood. These days are SO special, and the Melbourne event was no exception)

It was one of those weird days where I woke up feeling REALLY calm and peaceful, and despite all of the moving parts and logistics involved in getting organized and getting there, I somehow knew that it would all flow…

One of those days where everything seemed right in the world.

I had been staying at my parents house, a couple of hours from Melbourne. I slept in, but even that didn’t bother me. I could have rushed around and panicked and raced out the door, but instead I took an extra 5 minutes to take my cup of tea and squeeze on in between my parents in bed as they listened to the early morning news on the radio.

Dad did his usual mock grumbling that my bum was too big, and I would never fit between them and ‘Gee! are you right there” fake complaints. But I could tell by the smile on his face that he was so happy to have me there, winding him up.

Getting to be part of their morning ritual again was precious time that I won’t ever get back.

I had an early morning hot date with one of my beautiful friends. She blow-dried my hair like a champion, as we laughed and smiled at the world.

I walked out, armed with my umbrella and a big fat smile, out into the pouring rain… even that didn’t mess with my mojo.

I grabbed a takeaway coffee, then I headed off down the highway… time was tight, but I just knew it would be ok.

My rainy mini road trip (with great hair) all flowed so beautifully, like secret superhero MAGIC!

The morning city traffic cleared, the rained stopped, I shit you not, I got EVERY green light the whole way there.

I found the hotel without needing that annoying chick on google-maps to give me patronising directions, the car park said full, but I buzzed reception and they found a way to squeeeeeeze me in…. SCORE!!!

I relaxed in the foyer and had the perfect cup of coffee (god bless ya Melbourne)

Two of my favourite people in the world rocked up and squeezed the life out of me with their hugs.

We laughed and hugged so excited for our day, pinching ourselves that we got to be here with each other, and with all of these amazing women (and a couple of very special men).

It was such a beautiful day.

Full of friendship, laughter, sisterhood.

Likeminded women who are building their dreams, building each other up, living their lives out loud, celebrating and supporting each other.

I watched on so proudly as some of my friends spoke up there on the stage.

I got to listen to and meet the incredible Lisa Messenger from the Renegade Collective Magazine… now there’s an inspiring chick if I ever did meet one.

To witness and be a part of Julie Parker’s vision of her own heart-centred coaching academy come to life. To see her big beautiful dreams become a reality, marvel at the beautiful ripple effect of her being brave enough to follow those dreams… MAGIC!

I felt so very blessed.

So very grateful.

When the day wound up,

A few of us bolted down to my room to get dressed for dinner…

and there sitting on the bench in the hotel gift basket, was a box of lollies that I knew like the back of my hand…

I could tell you off by heart the pantone colours of that box, it’s dimensions, word for word was written on it, the artwork, the contents, the persons hands who made the delicious lollies inside, and the smell in the room as they are being packed into those beautiful boxes.

A product, a box that I sourced, designed (and one that I often packed) years ago in my past business.

I looked at that box with love…. it had once been my baby, something that I put my heart and soul into… that at the time, broke my heart to leave.

And then I looked around at my friends and colleagues, and thought back to the magic that had been my day…

Insert light globe moment of absolute love and gratitude.

I truly saw the blessing…

There was a reason that part of my life was over.

Because if that chapter of my life had not closed, then I would not be standing here in this room with these incredible women by my side, I would never have started Smile Chickie, I would never have been a coach, never would have got to spread my chickie message out to the world with my secret superhero rings, never got to hang out with my beautiful tribe of Unstoppable Chicks every single day.

I wouldn’t be writing this blog, and talking to YOU.

Insert voice to snap me out of Ah-ha moment…

Isn’t that one of your boxes? Asked one of my friends…


Wow, I said. If it wasn’t for that experience, I wouldn’t know you guys.

And at the exact same time, they both said "you have no idea how happy we are that all happened”


We laughed and hugged, and headed out for dinner.

As I closed the hotel room door, my phone beeped as an email came through…

I sh*t you not…

It was a Danielle La Porte #truthbomb


“You  gotta let go”

and as usual, that chick was spot on!

I was staring right into the face of the magic that can happen when you choose to let sh*t go.

When you let go of what you can’t control and make space for new adventures.

All that stuff seems like a lifetime ago now, and even though I made a conscious decision to let the circumstances go a long time ago, it was lovely to be reminded of WHY.

So tell me my lovelies, what is it that you’ve let go of which has led you on to something far more magical?

Or is there somewhere that you could stand to clear a bit of space, to let the good stuff in?

You deserve to be happy you know.

You deserve to follow your heart and your dreams.

To honour your own special brand of magic.

To be around people who love and support you.

To love and be loved in return.

Wanting, needing and going after those things in life, doesn’t make you selfish, doesn’t make you a bitch.

It shows inner strength, determination, integrity and guts.

And anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is bringing their own ‘stuff’ to the table.

Cheers to all of you lovely secret superheroes who are out there getting on with being magnificent works in progress, living the best lives that you know how… every single day. Making small daily choices in the direction of moving forwards, not looking back.

And a big massive cheers to putting love and energy where it matters.

You all rock.

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