Look out chickies. It's time to celebrate.


Hey chickies,

January 2012 is very special…

As it marks a WHOLE year since this little chickie took a deep breath, squeezed into her big girl’s pants and began the smile chickie journey….

on a mission to…

Create an online community all about women nurturing, supporting and appreciating each other. A group of like-minded chicks choosing to live kind and happy lives where ever possible

Smile chickie has grown into something special that brings so much sunshine into my world

It reminds me every day what is important, and more importantly, that I am not alone… That there are so many other chicks out there that just want to get on with living the best lives they can.

The biggest, most ginormous

thankyou!!! xxx

to those of you who have been with us since the beginning and to those that have joined us over time for the smiley place that we have all built together…

To mark the milestone, I do hereby declare that the next 4 weeks, shall be a celebration of all things chickie.

With lots of laughs, and extra appreciation for each other, and for the positive things in our lives.

Let’s spread the chickie word far and wide… And inspire and encourage each other to take this opportunity to let the special chicks in our lives know that they are:

loved appreciated valued….

Such simple things, that everyone has a basic right to feel and know.

The month will be culminating in a little (way overdue…. due to my advanced procrastinating skills!) book launch. To say thankyou and to celebrate the lovely chicks who were so kind as to donate their beautiful smiley faces to adorn the pages of the smile chickie book.

So chickies, let the fun begin….

If you haven’t already taken the chickie pledge, make sure that you head over to www.smilechickie.com Because all certified chickies will be in with a chance to win launch tickets, a special chickie hamper and some extra little giveaways over the next four weeks.

Here’s to 4 weeks of fun,

of spreading the chickie word

and most importantly…

celebrating what we are grateful for, what makes us smile, and each other.

BlogSue Muller