Look out! Virgin blogger on the loose.

Now, be warned, in my time I have written some kick arse letters to the editor, some creative notes to teachers on behalf of my charming daughters

(please excuse “C” from swimming as she has period pain… the dog ate “A”’s homework, which is a shame because she’d done such a lovely job…. “A” would rather have both of her legs amputated than participate in bush-dancing today…. I really did write that haha). I’ve written some highly entertaining letters to get off speed camera fines (sue was abducted by aliens on the day in question and could not possibly have been driving… ok, so I didn’t really write that, but please feel free to try it and let me know if it works…). I have also composed and sent some not so impressive texts to men who had wronged me, which were never as clever when I had sobered up (and rarely got the result I was aiming for…)… but never before have I written a blog.

Which makes me a blog virgin… oooooh! … so sweet and innocent, pure and simple, full of enthusiasm and yearning… though maybe not so flash on the technique… sigh! So hopefully you can find it in your hearts to bear with me while I’m still polishing my performance

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