I love my sister.


Note: here's one from the chickie archives (2014to be exact) it still makes me smile, and I still love my sister. xxx


A very typical “Sue” thing happened to me yesterday. To be honest, of all of my fuck-ups to date, it pretty much qualified as a‘personal best’.

T’was such a pleasant Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and I was dropping a friend at the airport (which is an hour and a half away from my house). My oldest daughter was with us as I was dropping her back to Uni in Melbourne afterwards. So by the time that we get to the airport, I am BUSTING to go to the toilet. I ask my charming daughter to please hold my stuff while I go, but alas, her response was a long-winded complaint. I had no time to waste arguing with her. I was too busy listening to my bladder politely explaining to me that if I didn’t empty it within the next 15 seconds that it would be thanking me by exploding. I shoved my stuff into the hands (and pockets) of my travelling friend and bolted

Aaaah…. That’s better!!!!

All good, emergency over, feeling great. I’ve headed on out, and found them by the bar.

Yes I do believe its beer-o’clock… thankyou thankyouverymuch….very civilized.

Much laughing and talking and smiling later, and along came the inevitable boarding call. We left our goodbyes to the very last minute, and I watched with a happy, “all is well in the world”, warm fuzzy feeling as my friend ambled across the tarmac and up the stairs onto the plane. Right, next stop Uni, too easy! Before heading back to the car, we quickly popped into the airport bookstore to grab a magazine for my daughter. 1 X Cosmo later was when I realized …

  • Purse – check

  • Sunnies – check
  • Phone – check

Car keys? Car keys??? Car keys?????

Nooooooo Holy holy holy shit!!!

I looked frantically out of the window for the plane… It was still there, but the stairs were all removed, the doors were locked and it was MOVING With


Holy holy holy HOLY shit. If you could get a hold of the security footage (which I doubt, as its most likely been taken home by the security guards to have a laugh at with their wives…) you would see that there was a VERY undignified run across the hall to the boarding gate, in the vain hope that they could get the plane to stop taxi-ing down the runway ( FYI they cannot, and they will laugh at you for even suggesting it ).

So I breathed… very important.

And I stood with my nose against the window, laughing a slightly hysterical laugh as I watched my keys rise slowly into the air and fly away on a happy holiday.

Then I almost cried as I turned and realized that THE BAR HAD CLOSED Great! There goes Plan A ! Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit There was only one thing to do,

I took a deep breath and rang my long suffering little sister.

  • And did she yell at me? No
  • Did she laugh at me? No (well not so loudly that I could hear it)
  • Did she say “sorry… who is this? I can’t hear you… I think my phone’s about the drop out..clunk” No

Nope, she said very calmly… “you dickhead. Where is your spare key? I’ll be there as quickly as I can”

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then, I consoled myself with a violet crumble, a bag of chips, toasted sandwich and coffee, and used the time wisely educating myself by reading the sealed section of my daughter’s magazine… very informative (learnt a whole new set of moves). 2 long hours later, the kindest sister in the world was texting me from out the front. I did the walk of shame past the sniggering security guards and ground staff. And there she was, illegally parked in the bus zone, with a big smile, shaking my spare keys in the air, laughing her head off. She threw me the keys, I threw her a bag of lolly snakes for the trip home and she sped off into the sunset. And I’m pretty sure she's around at mums right now BEGGING her to tell her that she's adopted!

So yesterday I learnt 3 very important things:

  1. Always make sure you have your car keys before you let anyone get on a plane.
  2. Life is full of unexpected adventures, and there is a funny side to almost all of them.
  3. If you are lucky, you get a little sister who despite all of the awful things you did to her growing up, will love you despite your (considerable) flaws and be there for you through thick and thin… and that this is a most precious gift.

Thanks Jen. Xxx

So here’s to sisters and stuff ups, and to being able to laugh at our selves and our mistakes.


does anyone else have an exceptional sister?

can anyone beat me in the 'f*ck-up' stakes this weekend?

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