A message from woo-woo Sue.

A message from woo woo Sue…

I was in pilates the other day, hiding up the back in the naughty corner so that the least possible number of people could potentially notice that I have no core and couldn’t hold a plank to save myself… when the (world’s most patient instructor) yelled out

“Sue. Activate your glutes”

F*ck me drunk, I can find my straps, that squeezy ball and ring, and the foot-bar… where the hell have I put my glutes?

ohhhhhh MY GLUTES

ohhhhhh ACTIVATE

Ohhhhhh she’s telling me to put my arse into it…

Why the f*ck didn’t she just say that???

When I was recovering with a coffee afterwards…. isn’t that what all sporting legends do after an intensive workout?

I was thinking, about this quote that always get heaps of likes whenever I put it up on social media.

Call me a rocket scientist, but I like to think that it get’s heaps of likes because folks are saying

“sh*t yes Sue, sh*t YES!”

In my opinion, life is just so much easier when people just be who they really are.

Say what they mean.

I’m so much more a non fluff kind of person. I haven’t got time, or the energy for mucking around, second guessing.

When I became a coach, I discovered that there are so many clichéd buzz words out there, flowery, woo woo phrases that just don’t do it for me.

Often dished out by some supermodel picture perfect green smoothie slurping queen in yoga pants, balanced in a position that any self respecting contortionist would be proud of.

They definitely do work for lots of people and by god good luck to them.

But I am more of a no bullsh*t, let’s get on with it shall we? kind of chick.

I like simple, easy to understand, non vague, non air fairy.

Spare me the mystery, I want to know what you mean dammit.

One night I got out a glass of wine and pen and started writing down a list of the ones I hear getting thrown around a lot … and translating them into the real.

Its kind of formed the beginning of a bit of a Secret Superhero Dictionary, which one day I’m sure will be up there in the highbrow literary section of bookshops everywhere… (cough) in the meantime, it sure as shit is making me smile.

My Secret Superhero Dictionary will be for real chicks.

Chicks reclaiming their magic.

Rediscovering, reclaiming and focusing on their strengths

Who haven’t got time to muck around…

Who want to know, what does this stuff really mean?

These are some of the ones I’ve come up with so far…

Journaling = Writing stuff down. Getting it all out of taking up valuable real estate in your head.

Perfect = Bullsh*t!

Journey = Frigging life

Accountability = When you know someone is going to call you on your sh*t.

Happy = Moments of feeling all is well in the world. Completely subjective.

Smiling = That thing you do when you know you’ve nailed it.

Inner strength = You know you’ve got this.

Community = Support system, cheer squad. They get you, and you get them.

Authentic = F*cking real.

Loyalty = When someone’s got your back and you’ve got theirs.

Consistency = Turning up on a regular basis, even when it f*cking hurts.

Life Coach = Personal trainer for the soul (that one always makes me smile)

Vision = How you want things to be.

Action = To get sh*t done rather than just talking about it.

Magnificent work in progress = You!

Resonate = You really love how something or someone rolls

Stepping up – Getting on with it.

Boundaries = Saying: actually NO I don’t think so.

Mindfulness – Paying attention der

Holding a space – Sitting the f*ck down, turning off your phone, really listening to someone without inter-f*cking rupting, telling them what to do. So that they know that some one heard them and gets where they are at. (note: wine is optional)

Validated = Your opinion matters

Sound a bit more real my lovelies?

The moral of this chickie story you may ask…

Whether you squeeze your arse or activate your glutes.

Whether you shop at Target or Tarjaaaaaaay.

The packaging isn’t so important, it’s all about living life in a way that works for you… and not apologising for it… it’s about owning it!

So next time you’re hanging out at the self help section of the book shop and you come across a little new age pearl of wisdom and you go what the? What is this sh*t? As if this could work for me.

Don’t be scared to do it your way. To frame it your way. Find the version, the truth that works for you. Let’s not apologise for that, let’s f*cking own our own brand of magic, write our own secret superhero dictionairies.

Let’s just be who we really are shall we?

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