My Valentines take-over plan.

For those of you who are not aware, this Sunday is Feb 14th…


Ah yes, that wonderful time of the year when those bloody fluffy hearts (along with the pressure to get all red-rosed, candled and loved up) are everywhere that you turn.

Which is great… I have never said no to a good bunch of flowers, a cuddle and some appreciation.

But I also know that this is a day that can range from a non-event to absolutely sucking for a pretty significant proportion of the population.

There’s lots of reasons why the marketing around this now very commercial spectacular can bring out our insecurities and press people’s buttons that’s for sure.

There are a million different reasons why Valentines Day is one that lots of people dread.

If you’re already feeling alone, or crap, there’s nothing like a good old dose of Valentines Day to plunge you further down into the pit of misery.

But I have a dream my lovelies.

A dream of a different kind of Valentines Day…

You see, in my humble opinion, when Valentines rocks around, THESE are the folk in our lives that deserve some loving and celebrating:

Your support crew, your cheer squad, the people who bring joy, love and laughter into your life. Who love you through the good times AND the gritty…

  • The person who tells you when there’s lipstick or spinach on your teeth, when your zipper is undone or you have tucked your skirt into the back of your undies.
  • Who kindly informs you that you can’t sing, BEFORE you go and humiliate yourself on Australia’s Got Talent.
  • Who sit beside you in court, or waiting at the doctor’s surgery, and squeeze your hand tightly.
  • Who stops (or at least attempts to) you from drunk texting your ex.
  • Who tell you the good, the bad and the ugly to your face instead of behind your back.
  • Who brought you around the tub of ice-cream, bottle of wine and a chick flick to cheer you up when you got sacked, dumped, divorced, hurt.
  • Who has lost hours, days, weeks of her life while you have poured your heart out to her.
  • Who keeps your secrets in the vault.
  • Who, many years ago, told your mum that you were at her house, when that may not have exactly been the case…
  • Your parents... or whoever put a band-aid on your skun knee and kissed it better. Held your hand tightly as they dropped you off at the school gate and didn’t cry until you got around the corner. Got up to you in the night when the boogeyman was in town. Put up with you when you were a charming teenager.
  • The poor unfortunate sod that listened to you practice the recorder god love them.
  • Your sister for the clothes she doesn't realise you borrowed… (rip??? What rip???)

In short, the beautiful souls who make us feel connected, valued, appreciated, safe… like we matter.

Those amazing secret superheroes who stay by our side. Who don't judge us, but instead stand with us in the arena and when we fall, say “Well that sucked, but I'm proud of you for trying... here, let me help you get back up and try again.”

To me, these fine folk are the ones who deserve the cards, the flowers, the chocolates on Valentines Day.

These are the people who deserve to be loved, spoiled and appreciated dammit.

Which brings me to my spectacular takeover plan...

Yes kids, I have decided that it’s time for a bit of a chickie rejigging of BLOODY VALENTINES DAY.

A day for those of us that would prefer a more inclusive, less commerical alternative.

Yep, on Feb 14 this year I am going to start celebrating...

Wait for it….

V-estivus….. FOR THE REST OF US!!!!!

Get it????

For those of you that watched Seinfeld, you will know that I have just totally ripped off Festivus.

Good old Wikipedia kindly informs me that

"Festivus is both a parody and a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 that serves as an alternative to participating in the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. It has been described as “the perfect secular theme for an all-inclusive December gathering.”

The customary practices of Festivus are:

Festivus pole

Festivus dinner

Airing of grievances

Feats of strength

Festivus miracles

(You can check out the link here, if you want to see the Seinfeld version)

Now I’m not 100% certain that we need the wrestle, but I’m thinking that we can certainly adapt the rest…

V-estivus goes a little something like this…

It’s a day for those of us who are not into the commercialism and marketing spin, to spend in the spirit of appreciation and connection.

Let us declare it V-estivus for the rest of us!


The customary practices of V-estivus are:


Let’s say a great big cheers to the people who loved us through our shit this year... loud enough for them to hear it!

Give each one a call, buy a pack of thank-you cards, send them a text... what ever takes your fancy. Let’s leave them in no doubt how much we appreciate them.


Let us fly our v-estivus flags (#v-estivus) all over social media and shout to the world we’re taking back Valentines day and making it our own… something that we can all celebrate for FREEEEEE!!!!


Perform a random act of kindness on someone who you know is having a crap time lately. By giving them one of the most precious gifts of all, knowing that they are not alone.


Organize a V-estivus dinner – with your single friends. Can also be substituted with a chick flick, a bottle of wine and a girls night in.


Unless you really feel like going and wrestling an ex that did you wrong, or the husband who did not buy you flowers… V-estivus is the perfect occasion to wrestle that inner mean voice in your head who’s been feeding you all that bullshit about some commercial day designed to sell lots of cards, flowers and chocolates having anything to do with your worth or your loveability.

And once you’ve smacked that voice down, go do something nice for yourself...

Because you fucking deserve it my lovely!

So what do you say lovely chickies?

Lets start our own little chickie revolution shall we?

Who else is up for a bit of spreading of the V-estivus loooove?

Let’s take this day back and give it some real meaning that includes us all. Let’s give a great big massive cheer to the magical chicks we are blessed to have in our lives, and to the superpowers of sisterhood that they use to make our worlds a better place.

Are you in?

P.S As part of my AIRING OF THE GRATEFULLNESS I’d like to give you all a great big, massive shout -out for going to the trouble of reading this chickie blog… and especially to those of you that have taken precious time out of your lives to read lots of them over the years.  I would just like to say thank-you so very very much. Your company and support means the world to me, and there are not enough words to say how much it means to me.

Happy V-estivus. xxx

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