My mystery job. What does a life coach do?

  Ever since I graduated from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and I got these very cool business cards


I have found myself answering the same questions:

“But what does a life coach do?”

“What are the benefits of having a life coach?”

they ask me.

And those are just the polite ones. My friends and family’s questions were more along the lines of

“What the f%$# is a life coach?”

Fair enough too.

Just like the mystery of personal trainers a decade ago (yep thank-you Michelle Bridges for bringing PT’s to our attention)

I hadn’t heard of a life coach either.

Not until my path crossed with the amazing Ms Julie Parker 4 years ago.


A coaching series with Julie was an investment in my own personal and professional growth that I could never regret. It turned out to be the catalyst for some huge shifts in my life.

A bit further down life’s windy road I realized that my professional and personal life experience, combined with my love of communication with interesting amazing people meant I was in the exact right position to be able to help others do and feel the same. Which is why I trained to become a coach.

When my friends and family ask me what a coach does, I tell them that I get to help motivated, high energy people get their shit together and live/design a life they love.

I support them as they take a good look at where they’re at, where they truly want to be, and make a kick arse plan to make sure they get there.

While I believe that working with a coach is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your personal development;

be warned… to get the results your heart is aching for takes hard work and dedication. (secret = we are there to make that fun, we are here to make that an adventure)

There are habits (often lifelong/deep seated ones) that you have to be prepared to learn to shake.

These are some of the things a coach will help you to kiss goodbye:

Hanging out in your comfort zone

It might be warm, snuggly and safe in there but there is magic to be made on the other side.

Not doing what you said you would

If you say you’re going to do something you had better get onto it. Because your coach will remember and they will SO remind you.

Good old procrastination

just say NO!

Eradicate phrases from your vocabulary like:

“I can’t”, “I never”, “It won’t”… you will not be requiring them anymore.

In the habit of putting yourself down or under-selling yourself?

Coaches are SO onto that shit, and after a while you will cringe when you catch yourself doing it too.

Got an excuse?

“The dog ate my homework” won’t cut it, and neither will anything more creative that you dream up. We’ve heard them all so give it up my lovely.

Feel like giving up?

Not on my shift baby! It’s vote1 consistent positive forward motion all the way.

So lovely chickies, next time you are at a trivia night and someone asks you what is a life coach? You will now be able to tell them that:

A coach is an investment in yourself and your personal growth.

Kind of like your very own personal secret weapon.

You might work with one when

  • You decide to stop putting everybody else’s happiness first and make room for what makes you happy too.
  • When you are in a time of transition and need someone to have your back as you do what it takes to get to the other side.
  • You know that your life is good, but you also know that it could be even more fulfilling.

A coach is your support crew and cheer squad sorted while you roll your sleeves up, tidy up some bad habits and make some big spectacular improvements. As you learn, grow and design a life you love.

And if you win a prize at a trivia night for knowing all that, then please send me a message and let me know…



P.S. For anyone who is interested in becoming a life coach themselves, I am a proud affiliate, you can check out the Beautiful You Coaching Academy via my link  here.

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