New Year's Resolutions suck!


Hey there universe,

this chickie has some news for you….

At the stroke of midnight this year, I will NOT be paying you lip service by promising you that I will: A. give up chocolate B. lose 20kg C. stop biting my nails D. give up drinking coffee or wine E. this year I will definitely not be vowing to participate in a triathlon (I may occasionally run from the car to the ATM if it means beating someone else to the money, but that’s it!) F. also, "mother of the year" is not on the cards… sorry to disappoint truth is…

I am sick of making poxy new years resolutions

and I’m starting a new tradition

Glad I got that off my chest. Feeling better already! Now, this may come as a shock, but I’m no psychologist

(“no shit Sherlock?”… I hear my friends screaming out from their laptops…)

though, over the years, like many chicks, I have been guilty of watching my fair share of Oprah, Dr Phil, Jerry Springer … Sally Jessy Raphael (remember her?), Geraldo… Beauty and the Beast… Surely that all counts for something???

Well it’s armed me with enough self awareness, to decide that, to me, new years resolutions are: • unrealistic • set me up to feel like a failure for not achieving what is often the impossible.

So there!!!

Any-ho, here’s this smile chickie’s plan….

1. I’m going to spend some time over the last days of 2011 looking back on the year that was.I’m going to write down the stuff that I managed to do right

From the little things such as: I resisted the urge to buy an ab-circle pro (thanks michelle from mishfit x) Worked my way well down the pile of unread books on my bedside table. Completed substantial market research to find the very best vanilla milkshake in Ballarat. Made some lovely new friends and spent some very precious time with old friends. Learnt how to install a new showerhead (without drowning or squirting myself in the eye) Put together a desk which did not collapse Mastered(ish) “carlos” my new apple laptop To the bigger achievements: Helping one daughter through VCE Not developing an ulcer while she was at schoolies Let go of heaps of old emotional baggage Got better at asking for, and accepting help Found much less self-destructive ways to deal with stress and bumps in the road of my life Got better at telling the negative voice in my head to f!@#% off Not to mention a whole year of smile chickie stuff…

2. Next, I’m going to have a think about the things I wish I had done better, or handled better…

I have been scared and confused and broken someone’s heart and have subsequently had mine broken in return. There have been times that I have not been brave enough to stand up for myself when I really should have. I have lost a precious friendship through something that was out of my control. In the privacy of my own home, I have also allegedly been extremely over picky about whether drinks had coasters under them and oversensitive about dirty teenage feet ALL OVER MY NEW COUCH!!! I have been guilty of crimes of PMT I have ‘drank’ and text (or ‘drunk’ and text, whichever is more grammatically correct… though neither is pretty) Many innocent pineapples have also been killed in 2011, due to my excessive consumption of tropical pineapple chocolate (the longest “limited edition” of any bloody bar of chocolate they’ve ever put out BTW… cheers mr cadbury) 3.  I’m going to write down 5 things that are important to me about the way I live my life And they’re going straight to the front of the fridge door to wave and remind me every day of next year of the direction I am planning to go forward.

So are you ready for the next part of my cunning plan????

4. Well, at midnight on new year’s eve… I’m saying a great big “cheers” to myself for all of the things I have managed to not stuff up this year and also for all of the things I managed to stuff up monumentally but did at least learn big life-changing lessons from. I’m going to wave goodbye, wipe the slate clean and let it all go. 5. I am going to hug my friends and loved ones (or possibly the cat if I’m by myself…) and be glad for the people in this world who continue to love and laugh and smile with me, who pick me up when I fall and forgive me for not being perfect

and then…. (I’m starting to feel like the danoz direct man… “but wait, there’s more!”)

I’m going to have a great big glass of water before I go to sleep! (actually, can someone please text and remind me to do that bit????)

ahhhhh , in 2012, I will wake up grateful and excited to be given the blessing of being here another year later… growing up, evolving and loving life.


Thankyou lovely chickies, for being a part of that reason to smile……

When I look into the future, it's so bright it burns my eyes.

- oprah winfrey

what will be on your lists of what you got right, and what you stuffed up in 2011 chickies? and what’s going straight to the fridge door?

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