No more new years resolutions.

Dear New Years Resolutions,




There I said it!  You can shove your New Years Resolutions up your jumper.

New Year’s Resolutions are so old news.  I should know, lord knows I’ve made them all...

Lose 10kg

Lose 20kg

Lose 30kg

Remove all traces of cellulite from body.

Stop smoking (that one was easy, I never smoked).

Stop biting nails.

Be more patient (*snort)

Be a nicer person

Do 500 sit ups a day.

The squat challenge.

We wont mention pelvic floor exercises… but yep do lots of those.

Be 100% nice to my parents. (current success rate around 90%... is that bad?)

Look after my skin.

Not lose my sunnies or drop my phone for a whole year.

Stop swearing (pfft!)

Give up chocolate (yeah that one went well…)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve set and achieved lots of most excellent goals over the years, but never because of some poxy New Years Resolution.

Those lofty unrealistic expectations that we set ourselves (usually with a hangover and pre-coffee on January 1st) even though we are fully aware that there’s every chance it will all end in an unnecessary puddle of self loathing… I say stuff that for a joke!

 It took me a few years (*cough… try about 40) to finally work out much better plan:


How you want to feel (download my free manifesto if you need a helping hand )

 Work out

What’s important to you and what’s not. Get more of the first one, and take every opportunity to minimise the second


Yourself with folks who lift you higher (who inspire you, make you laugh, are prepared to physically turn up and be a part of your life not just talk about it, who love the f*ck out of you and you love right back, who stab you in the front not the back….)

 Make small consistent choices

Every single day in the direction of how you want to feel.

 Feel and acknowledge fear,

But don’t let fear make decisions for you.

 Trust that you are enough.

Practice knowing it on the inside… take every opportunity to cultivate a strong quiet unshakeable inner strength.  By all means, wear a secret superhero ring,  join Unstoppable Chicks,  or grab yourself another tool from my chickie tool box,  but the very most important person in all this is YOU.

The only person you ever need to compete with or impress is you.

Use all of that energy that you used to waste on

  • What other people might think.
  • What ifs…. (What if it doesn’t work, I get rejected, I look stupid, …. Blah blah)
  • Worrying about what other people are doing (that includes judging them too!)

Blah blah blah…

and channel all of that energy into your own personal development, towards what truly makes your heart happy, towards making the most of every precious moment of this life that we have been given.

I say, stuff the companies and people preying on our insecurities right now.

I say, know who you are, know you are enough

Lets do the brand new shiny year on our terms shall we?

Bring it on brand new shiny year…

Blog, LifeSue Muller