Brace yourselves lovely chickies…

I've started a hashtag on instagram

(I know… look at me getting all technical and hash taggy)

it's called:


ta da!!!!

(please feel free to insert a round of applause here)

So, it all started with a conversation I had with the amazing Kate from word love. You know those chats that make you reflect and think about where you're at, how you got there, and what truly matters?

We were talking and laughing about life, about the joy and the pain, the adventure and the Bridget-Jones-ness of it all.

I realized that, in the story of my life, it seems so many of the memorable, character building bits, the life lessons came from the hiccups, stuff ups and embarrassing moments. The stuff that, despite my best intentions, just didn't go to plan.

The stuff that wasn't picture perfect.

We came to the conclusion that the scar tissue from this 'stuff' is what builds our strength, our character and our lives.

Never underestimate the inner strength that it takes to:

Find the courage to have a go.

  • Not get the outcome you want but still find the guts to get back up and try again, or try something different.
  • Find the funny side in the face of disaster (or the learning… you may not get what you thought it was you wanted, but there is always a lesson or a value that comes from at least trying).
  • Watching me navigate the bumps in the road has also shown my daughters that shit happens, and that when it does, you dust yourself off, get back up and try again. It shows them that they can too… and I like that!

These experiences may not have always been what I expected or wanted or thought I deserved at the time, but they surely have helped me to get clear on what's important to me and what simply isn't.

  • It's made me so grateful for the good stuff.
  • The simple stuff.
  • The stuff that is real not perfect.

"Yes Sue, that's easy to say but harder to do" I hear you say… And you are absolutely right! There are always going to be sucky moments when it will be way easier just to throw your hands in the air and say 'too hard'.

Here are 5 things I've learned along the way about navigating those bumps:

  1. There will never be an absolutely perfect moment to do anything. If you sit around waiting for one, all you do is waste precious time, and cheat yourself out of an experience.
  2. If you listen to everybody else's opinion before your own, you will have way less time, energy and mental space to listen to what it is that your gut is telling you and what your heart is aching for.
  3. Some of the most invaluable lessons you will ever learn will be from your stuff ups.
  4. Celebrate that you had a crack. It takes guts and you should be proud of yourself so there! So many people sit back scared to make a move, worried about what other people will think, what could go wrong, second guessing themselves and their capabilities… not you baby!
  5. Find ways to recognize the fear and discomfort of moving out of your comfort zone as just part of the process of personal growth and development. Trust me, that is a gooooood stretch. Instead of allowing those feelings to overcome you, learn to see feeling that way as a sign that you are about to achieve something brilliant.

So lovely chickies, back to perfect vs real….

Question is, do you really want to live a perfect cookie cutter life, without challenge or adversity?

If so, then simply jump aboard the treadmill of perfection right clothes, right house, right car, snot-free 100% well behaved children, bikini body, wrinkle free skin, for god sake don't get caught drinking straight out of the milk carton or wearing the same socks 2 days in a row.

That may be all very nice, but does that stuff really matter?

Is it a mark of who you are?

Of your worth?

Do what things look like on the outside add up to real happiness?

Does telling the world that your life is perfect and hiding the crap bits take up more energy than it's worth?

Does watching other people's seemingly perfect lives on social media leave you feeling like you're the only 'under achiever' in the universe?

How would it feel to jump off that treadmill and openly embrace the glorious reality of being YOU?

How would it feel to swap all of the insecurities, and the keeping up with the Joneses with :

MORE laughing till your stomach hurts

MORE time and attention to the people who matter

MORE noticing the feel of the wind in your hair, the sun on your face

MORE impressing yourself (instead of a whole heap of people whose opinions don't matter)

MORE sand/grass/mud/ between your toes

MORE loving life

Isn't it time that us mere mortals shattered the illusion that in order to be happy, you need to live a picture perfect life? That life needs to be 'perfect' before the fun and the happiness starts?

The stuff ups and the crinkles are what make us who we are, and we are magnificent

Are you ready to jump off the treadmill and join me? Are you ready to celebrate your own kind of perfect?

Why don't we start celebrating the stuff that really matters? The people who really matter.

I'm going to start posting the photos of the realities, not just the picture perfect illusion.

The fun times, the good times, the glorious mess that is living in a real authentic world.

Please join me, lets make our mark and lead by example.

Let s do it loudly and publically because…

I am proudly 100%


What about you?

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