Overnight success my arse!


I’m here today to let you in on a little secret lovely chickies.

But first let me start with a familiar story…

I’m pretty sure we’ve all done it.

Look at her.

Its ok for her.

It all just landed in her lap!

How lucky is she?

Hands up who’s guilty of running this little sound-track through their head?

(It’s ok, my hand has been up too!)

When we think of incredible success stories and people we admire.

People out there who have ‘made it’.

Not always big name famous folk either, we all have someone who we look up to and sometimes even aspire to be like or live like.

We watch them out there, being glorious, moving mountains, inspiring and motivating others.

Uber successful,

Got their act together

Living the dream!

How easy it is to assume that it all came so easily to them?

Overnight Success - My Arse!

Practically fell into their laps…

They just sent out an email and they were flooded with work.

Just happened to jump into a pool one day and voila someone hung a gold medal around their neck.

Woke up one day a supermodel or an opera singer, a human rights lawyer.

Put up an open for business sign – Bingo!

Set up and online shop – Took straight off.

Decided to publish their own magazine – surely that’s not tricky.

Set up their own life coaching academy… walk in the park.

Thing is, most people only see the highlight reel.

They don’t see the hard work in the background.

Here’s a little something that I can tell you about the people who I know who have often been classed as overnight successes.

That they are people.

People like you and I.

We might not have noticed them until they were everywhere, but you can bet your arse that they have been out there for years… hustling, putting themselves out there working or training their backsides off, investing in their personal and professional growth, walking their talk, knocking on doors and having them slammed in their faces, dusting themselves off and starting again.

Here are 10 things that these overnight successes do while we aren’t watching:

  1. They draw a line in the sand, and decide “I’m doing this! So there world!”
  2. They break it down into tiny achievable steps, and they consistently move forward towards their dreams.
  3. They live with passion.
  4. They don’t pay attention to the people shouting on the sidelines - “The person who says it cannot be done shouldn’t interrupt the person who is doing it” -Unknown
  5. They know fear. They have an intimate relationship with it. Through hard work and practice, they have learned to use fear to their advantage.
  6. They don’t see failure as a personality flaw.
  7. They see it as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  8. They know their ‘why’ and they check in with it regularly.
  9. They choose their people. (thanks for this one Julie Parker) - They choose to surround themselves with quality, supportive, loyal, loving like-minded souls and relationships.
  10. They have and survive tough days, moments, chapters in the story of their lives.

And do you know what is the exceptionally good news in this for us all lovely chickies?

It is knowing that it’s not rocket science.

That exact same magic can work for all of us too.

If we want it badly enough.

If we are prepared to do the work

If we are prepared to keep moving forward.

We can ALL choose to be overnight successes in progress…

Whether it’s in business or in life.

So now you know my secret… yes I am a (work in progress) overnight success… and you can be too.

You might see me

“chit chatting” in a café

“mucking around” on my phone

taking pictures of my coffee (or my feet … because I discovered my freaky long toes make an excellent bottle holder)

“playing on facebook”

I might just be walking along smiling my special ‘I’ve got a secret’ smile.

You are very welcome to assume whatever you like

I KNOW what I’m doing, and that’s what matters


Maybe if I can show you that it’s possible, you will believe it is possible for you too.

Are you ready to be an overnight success lovely chickies?

Your time starts NOW!

BlogSue Muller