Procrastination be gone.

My name is Sue and I am :

an advanced procrastinator

an important job avoider

a mucker arounder

a time waster

a disgrace!

I have a job to do, I estimate it will take me ½ an hour max and I have been avoiding doing it all afternoon.

This my friends is what I did in the name of avoidance:

Did the dishes

Put on a load of washing

Brushed my teeth (someone might want to kiss me, you never know)

Cut toenails (those things grow fast you know)

Made rice pudding for someone I love (ate it oops… so had to make another one)

Checked FB, Instagram and my emails (TWICE)

Made a cup of tea

Ate a croissant (I was not hungry… see rice pudding mention above)

Went for a swim (it’s a wonder I didn’t sink with all of that rice pudding in me)

Washed my hair

(Aherm)checked social media again (oops)

Chased my daughter around the kitchen to give her an unwanted hug


Surprise, surprise, all of that work in the name of avoidance took waaay longer than the job I was supposed to do in the first place WTF!

And of course it is STILL HERE WAITING FOR ME… nooooooooo!!!

I could be drinking wine with my friends now and laughing at people who’ve got jobs to do right now


The moral of today’s story lovely chickies?

Procrastination is not your friend

Learn from my pathetic example

Do not be the sucker who is still doing their homework when they could be relaxing with their feet up.

Be the queen of getting the important shit done!

What are YOU putting off doing?

Here’s a thought: how about sucking it up and getting on with already…

Don’t be a sucker like me

I dare you

Ready, set, GO!!!

Feel free to come back here and let me know when it’s done.

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