S.O.S. Chickie homework emergency.


(aka: I need to get over myself… urgently)

ok chickies,

I seem to be in a spot of bother… o.k, I’ll admit it…


and I need some back up!

Remember the days when you left your homework until the last minute? See, I promised that I would “do it straight away”… But it was Christmas… The sun was shining, the birds were singing, there was all this festive stuff around me, calling out to be noticed There seemed to be SO many days left to get this done..

Heaps Plenty Loads A squillion, gazillion…..

But just like the grasshopper that surfed all summer, I now find myself in deep shit. (yes, ok its not me surfing, a girl can dream can’t she??? )

Here is the thing:

Waaaay back in the golden, mistletoe-infested, glory days of December, I had a session with the lovely Julie from “beautiful you”….

(was going to insert a picture of her lovely face here, but probably best to not push my luck at this stage of proceedings.)

So, she greets me at the door with a great big hug, sits me down with a lovely cup of tea, looks me right in the eye with her beautiful big warm eyes… (yep, I’m feeling all safe and loved about now….) She gives me one of her sweet, comforting mega-watt smiles…. And then


out came the cricket bat, straight to the goolies….

What problem do you have with selling stuff she says???

Bloody hell…. I search around for a rock to climb under so that she’ll leave my slack arse alone… rock count in julie’s office= big fat ZERO!!!... there’s not even a bloody couch or a big pot plant to hide behind… this is not gold!

“I’d like you to write me a reflective piece and send it to me”, she says…. Still flashing the sweetest of smiles, but leaving me under no illusions…. (Fark she is dead serious….) “In it, I need you to explain the following : Why am I not promoting my products? What am I afraid of? What am I afraid will happen when I begin to self promote?”

I try to breathe…. Serenity now, serenity now… the thing is, past experience has shown that she only gets me to write the fancy list so that she can tear it up in front of me and say “get over it and just do it” Also, inevitably when I write the list, my reasons look so pathetic that I know it deserves to be ripped up too. Since we’re all in this together chickies… and in the desperate hope that, by publically stating that:

I am a woosa!

(yep definitely a word…) and proving that I am mending my woosy ways by taking her advice and “getting over myself”, and telling you about the smile chickie products we have so far,

that she will take pity on me and forgive me for handing my homework in late!

Otherwise, she’s going to keep on making me write her reflective pieces ….


so chickies, here are the f-a-c-t-s concerning smile chickie’s magical “stuff”, will a drumroll make it more impressive???? so far we have:

1. A pretty book: to acknowledge the many amazing chicks out there who are getting on with living the best life possible (and an excellent way to raise money for the gorgeous chicks at the warwick foundation)

2. A cute necklace: that’s so we can recognize each other out in the big wide world

3. A range of 10 cheeky journals: so we can subliminally proclaim what we stand for and make a quiet stand (not to mention that it’s always important to have a place to write things down…)

4. A reusable chickie keepcup: to acknowledge that coffee is a food group and a basic human right. And that in order to have the stamina to keep on performing minor chickie miracles day in and day out, it is imperative to have caffeine on hand at all times, and in the most environmentally friendly (and stylish) receptacle possible.

oh god,  i can't work out how to make this photo smaller and i also can't work out how to remove it.... SUCH a blogging whiz that i am... sorry!

So there you have it…

“Smile chickie stuff” is a cute, fun, cheeky way to spread the chickie word using products with meaning. Cheerful reminders to yourself, (and quiet way to show the world…) who you are and what you stand for. As a gift, Smile chickie products are also a great way to let another lovely chickie know that she is loved, valued and special to you.

So here’s your LATE Christmas present lovely Julie. xxx

I hope that it proves to you that I intend to believe in myself more in 2012 and not be such a woosyscaredy-cat (new breed, very expensive…), and that it brings you a little smile!

NOW… if santa is still listening…

(sorry, I just like looking at him…) Julie was extra good last year…. next Christmas, PLEASE can you give her some kind of big chair??… shit, even a throw-rug would give me a fighting chance.


p.s. Please like this post if you think this counts, and that Julie should show mercy, cut me some slack and give me a big gold homework star (or at least not the strap) p.s.s. also, please feel free to show her what an excellent job I did, by heading over to smile chickie stuff and ordering something special for yourself or a special chick who deserves to be spoilt… then I would truly be a homework superstar!!!!

p.s.s.s. any hints on shrinking photos would be greatly appreciated right now... oops!

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