All about the smile chickie book.

I wrote a book....

How funny is that? (Well its pretty funny if you know the ‘old’, scaredy-cat version of me…)

Even though it’s been months, saying those words out loud still makes me smile.

You see, I have written many-a shit hot “to do list”, and many-an “expressive” alcohol induced text in my time, but never a book… a real, live book.

I have always been an ordinary chick, always very happy to just blend on into the crowd, the more invisible the better.

Until a few of years ago, when I took stock of my life…

I don’t know if this sounds familiar to anyone else, but up until then, I was doing a pretty impressive job of doing everything that the world seemed to expect of me: Got Education –tick Got Married – tick Had Children – tick, tick Founded own business – tick Tried to be perfect mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, person… blah blah blah – tick

If you go by the list, I was kicking arse…

my wonderwoman suit was in the mail baby!

Problem was, come the ripe old age of 39, I was hollow on the inside, yep I was burnt out and I realized that I was looking after everyone else but me.

Living, existing to make other people happy

a.k.a: ‘one day I’d just had A-bloody-nough!’

I knew I needed to make some big changes; I desperately needed to clean out and simplify my life.

and boy was there a tidy up!!!!

What began as a simple philosophy grew into the ‘smile chickie’ facebook group, now attracting chicks world wide… yay!!!

Formed in honor of all the amazing, positive chicks out there who are quietly getting on with living the best lives they can. Smile chickie is about us all joining together and cheering each other on. It’s about us making a collective agreement to use our precious energy to get on with making the best of life.

So, armed with my newfound determination to smile, laugh and love more … and a bottle of wine. This chick found herself scribbling away like a woman possessed and rewriting her own little fairy tale.

I filled it with photos of the many gorgeous, ordinary chicks I know out there who are doing the most excellent jobs of getting on with living their own positive lives, inspiring others and being excellent role models for their daughters and young women everywhere.

I then went on a magical journey of working out how the hell to publish a book

– aaaargh

And next thing you know:

TA DA!!!!

It all came together!

Anyway, although I wrote the ‘smile chickie book’ as my own personal form of therapy,

as I showed it to other women (and boy in the beginning was I mega shy about doing that) I realized that it spoke to and for so many of them as well.

You see,

There are a heap of ordinary chicks out there doing a brilliant job!

They're not necessarily hanging out on the covers of magazines. They are busy forming and nurturing the fabric of our society and leading by example. They are showing the next generation of chicks how it’s done.

These special women are loved and adored by their families and friends

They don't do what they do for public acclaim or to impress anyone else.

They do it simply because that is who they are.

So yep, I wrote a book... Ok, so more of a story than a novel. It's about my journey but it seems that it’s a journey that so many other chicks have taken too.

The ‘smile chickie book’ may never be a number one best seller (fuck I hope not, I can only afford to order a 1000 at a time)

But every time I give one to another inspirational chickie friend or when someone buys one as a gift for one of their own friends, I get this lovely warm feeling inside. I feel like I’m spreading a quiet, secret message:

“you do a great job, you enrich people’s lives, you make a difference…”

… and that makes me smile.

Even though you don’t expect to be told, it's nice to know you're valued, that what you do is appreciated and most of all, that you are not alone.

So if my little book becomes secret women's business. If it is shared around and its message is spread via lovely women passing it onto other special women; and quietly telling them that what they do makes a difference, then I will be so happy.


Thanks for being part of the smile chickie journey. p.s. extra special brownie points go to my gorgeous friend Jacqui, who didn’t know she was on the cover until I gave her the first copy… AND she didn’t even sue me… now there is a friend indeed! xx

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