There’s a word (ok it’s 4) that I made up aaaages ago.

It’s turned out to be my secret ingredient for living a great big real, no bullsh*t life…

If you googled all the usual buzzwords

  • Self worth
  • You are enough
  • Self belief
  • Self kindness
  • Self love
  • Inner strength
  • Resilience

And downloaded every single article and info-graphic, bought every self help book out there, dissected them all, took every psychobabble word out… peeled it all back, I firmly believe that the foundation of building a great big messy glorious satisfying life can be built upon this one simple phrase.

It’s not a pill, a potion, or one of those fix it all bits of exercise equipment modelled by some glamazon…. Or 6 packed hot dude on the shopping channel either (dammit)

Good news is,

it’s FREE!!!

Because it’s not a thing… it’s a state of mind

It’s about saying


I am embracing real.

I am celebrating my realness. ALL of me, not just the pretty bits!

I am taking all of the pressure off myself to fit into anyone else’s idea of perfect, and starting to really think about what makes ME happy, what makes ME shine, what lights me up.

I am going to stop beating myself up for being human, for not always getting it right… and instead I’m going to look for what I can learn from the shit that went down, and how I might use that going forward to do things better next time.

Because I am a

magnificent work in progress,

and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now clearly I’m no guru… I’m a magnificent work in progress too (and according to a random text survey I did last night after 2 glasses of wine, apparently I am also a bit of a nerd!)

Point is, I’m sorting my sh*t out as I go along, just like everybody else.

What I have learned so far on my mission to live a no bullsh*t life,

Is that when you start to pay attention to this stuff, when you harness it, and focus on it, when you do that instead of focussing on chasing perfect, on chasing other people’s ideas and expectations, instead of focussing on what you haven’t got; not only is such a huge relief to let that stuff go, but you start to notice the good stuff everywhere, to appreciate it so much more. You clear unnecessary crap from your life, leaving space and energy to see where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there. Those 4 simple words have changed everything for me.

So what exactly is a magnificent work in progress, you may ask.

Well in my books,

Being a Magnificent Work in Progress is a state of mind, and an empowering choice.

It is making a conscious decision to choose how we live our story.

It is how we take what life throws at us, and what we do with that.

We are all magnificent works in progress, but the people I love the most are the ones who recognise that, embrace it and choose to throw themselves in head-f*cking-first! Who make it a way of life, something that they live by.

Magnificent works in progress say

  • How interesting, what can I learn from this.
  • Better an oops than a what if.
  • Well that didn’t quite go to plan.
  • Chuckit in the f*ckit bucket.
  • How could this possibly go wrong (*cough snort… I’m still going to try).
  • I’ll give it a crack.
  • I’d rather try than die wondering.

On good days they are

  • Living a gutsy life.
  • Passionate.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Real.
  • Genuine.
  • No bullsh*t.
  • Great company.

And some days not so much… and they are totally cool with that, they don’t beat themselves up about it either. Life is way too short for that crap!

Magnificent works in progress try to learn from the ups and the downs.

Standing there at the pitch of life, ready to whack whatever the hell gets thrown our way.

Knowing full well that sometimes we’ll miss and fail, and doing whatever we can to make sure that our bounce-back rate gets better and better.

The magnificent works in progress (secret superheroes) that I know and hang out with, see their ‘journey’ as an adventure, they know how to laugh at themselves, they are curious.

They say “stuff perfect, give me real”.

So (to completely rip off another well known quote), cheers to the Magnificent Works in Progress,

“ May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them” 

They show us how life is done.

Are you embracing your Magnificent Work in Progress status my lovely?

Isn’t it time that you gave it a go?

Jump on in and join us… the water is fine … there’s lots of us out here to catch you.

If you are looking to meet other magnificent works in progress, to learn from, to laugh with, to support and to growth with.  Check out our private little chickie cheersquad over at Unstoppable Chicks