Gotta love a chickie road trip.


gotta love a chickie road trip!!!!

So there I was, stopped at a traffic light on a hot, windy summers’ afternoon… A carload of young girls pulled up alongside me… windows down, music blaring, hair flying in the wind….

Clearly on a mission to have fun, cause some trouble, seize the day… The joyful sounds of them shrieking with laughter and squealing over the top of each other lilted from their direction, high above the beat of their stereo….

Not a care in the world…

Ah, sigh, those were the days

a whiff of ‘reef oil’ wafted over…. and then it came to me


a little flash of chickie clarity…..

Road trip eh????????

Lets see,

Main ingredients of a road trip:

Loud road trip music There’s always a sound track… someone’s favourite cd that you all LOVE at the beginning and want to CHUCK by the time you get there….

Belly laughs Never while drinking…. We all know that when you laugh so hard that drink comes out of your nose, its just not nice (on SO many different levels…)

Stories… more and more soul baring as the number of kilometres away from home (and familiarity) grows

mmmmm……. Greasy road trip food

always seems like an excellent idea at the time, rarely seems so clever afterwards.

enticing servo toilet adventures

suddenly squatting by a bush at the side of the road and risking snake bite to the arse is an attractive option!

Enough familiarity that you can put your bare feet up on the dashboard and not be judged

yet enough respect enough for each other that you wind down a window if its about to get stinky (if you know what I mean?)

working out of the roadmap together

and surviving differences of opinion… like wrong turns

Wolf whistle potential Note chickies: Only pick up hitchhikers if its this one…. ;)

and if you do, just don’t leave him in the room with the money… DER!!!

If there’s a breakdown, everyone pulls together to work out how to fix it

and finally, FAITH that together you will get to where you wanted to end up… or to somewhere even better!

No not THAT ‘Faith’, it was years after Wham that he wrote that album….


It made me think about we smile chickie’s….. (all 417% more of us this week… LOVE that maths!) I would like to think that at smile chickie, we are all enjoying a great big road trip together

Are we not all chicks together on the road of life? Laughing, smiling, enjoying the ride together?

in the wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson…

“life is a journey, not a destination…”

thankyou chickies, I’m so glad we are taking part of this life journey together……

[smile chickie xxx]

p.s. We need a new theme song though…. I chucked the Wham cd after the last road trip with my sister (actually, don’t tell her but, I’m pretty sure I ran over it with the car when we got home so that I would never have to listen to it again….)

got any new theme song suggestions????

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