The smile chickie list O smiles.


I’ve been stuck inside with a severe case of the man-flu this week.

Laying low is SO not one of my strengths. In true hypochondriac style, I started amusing myself by Googling every potential exotic disease my debilitating illness could possibly turn out to be instead of just a boring old cold. After pretty much ruling out ebola, syphilis, tuberculosis, orchitis (probably best you don’t Google that one) and scurvy, I made an executive decision to move on out of the panic-merchant zone into good old acceptance territory. I refined my extensive Wikipedia research into something a bit more cheerful and uplifting

SO lovely chickies Without further a-do, I inflict upon you… (insert drumroll here) The stuff that I now know about smiles. A good old fashioned Google search of ‘facts about smiling’ got this man flu-infested chickie around 500 versions of pretty much the exact same list. Which mostly consisted of starting with the ground breaking news that (ta-DA!)

Smiling is the universal sign of happiness

It would also seem that:

“Smiles are catchy”

Well I can certainly think of worse things to catch (kindly refer to my dr-google list above!)

“Smiling is like medicine” 

Boosts your immune system, thereby decreasing cortisol = hello healthy glow!

“Smiling is our first facial expression”

We do it in the womb kids!

“Smiling is a form of exercise”

26 muscles get a workout – none of them is my butt, but hey it’s a start.

“Smiling can help you live 7 years longer”

So the years I have most likely cut off my life by eating Twisties and drinking wine, might just be balanced out- Bonus!

“Smiling can reduce your blood pressure”

Smiling at someone who is yelling at you can raise their blood pressure and make you smile even more. (Well that’s my theory anyway!)

Oh and hello all of you tight arses out there…

“Smiling is freeee!!!”

ok so that last one wasn’t on any of the Google-able lists. I worked it out myself. But wait, there’s more… Here for your exclusive perusal is a list of magical moments that I have pulled out of my own big bucket of smiles and I truly believe are well worth an honorable mention in today’s lowdown:

  1. The smug ‘I just escaped a parking ticket ‘ smile that you give the parking meter guy when you make it back to your car with exactly 30 seconds left before your meter expires.
  2. The happy smile when you didn’t have to cook dinner or do the dishes.
  3. The satisfied smile when the day is done and you get to put your feet up and relax.
  4. The ‘suck on that’ smile when the guy who swapped lanes in traffic and cut you off ends up stuck behind a truck.
  5. The smile when someone scratches your back and hits the EXACT spot where you’re itchy.
  6. The oblivious smile when you have no idea that you’ve got lipstick on your teeth or that your skirt is tucked into your stockings.
  7. That attractive smile with a milk moustache, an orange quarter stuffed in your mouth or a set of sticky lollie teeth in place.
  8. That delicious soaking up the sun with the warm wind on your face smile.
  9. The daydreaming smile. (When you pretend you are far, far away on a tropical island drinking cocktails and getting a massage while everyone else at the meeting is paying attention and taking notes… sigh!)
  10. The ‘because someone you love is happy’ smile.
  11. The sleepy smile when you wake up early and then realize you’ve got 2 more glorious lazy hours before your alarm will go off.
  12. The sarcastic, yeah SURE you’re right smile.
  13. The yes you are a GREAT singer (NOT! But I still love you anyway) smile.
  14. The ‘I told you so’ smile, where you try not to smile when it turns out YOU WERE RIGHT DER!!!!
  15. The indulgent smile “You sir have no idea what you are talking about, but it’s still quite endearing so keep going…”
  16. The ‘we both know I’m totally checking you out’ smile.
  17. The ‘I just had sex’ smile
  18. The ‘I’ve got a secret’ smile.
  19. The ‘Did you just see me trip over? God I hope not.’ smile.

Lastly, my personal favourite…

  1. The ‘no particular reason’ smile… just because I’m feeling happy, blessed and grateful to get to be here for another day of this crazy glorious life.

So lovely chickies, Which smile have I forgotten? And what made YOU smile today?

xxx P.S. Start praying I get better soon… god knows what I’ll start Googling next!

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