Surviving Christmas.


Today’s post wont be a long and rambling story.

(whoever laughed just then, I HEARD YOU DAMMIT!)

It will be short and to the point, with some handy takeaway suggestions that will hopefully make a difference to the way you step forward into the coming weeks.

It's all about surviving Christmas.

Because we all know it’s looming don’t we…

Lord knows, the Christmas decorations have already been in the shops for MONTHS – What the????

And then come mid November, it starts with a faint whiff.

A stink that I don’t much like.

Just the occasional waft, a faint aroma… you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

Around late November, it’s more a case of “What IS that funky smell?”

And by December it has usually morphed into a full blown stench.

It smells like a heady mixture of uptight anxiety, and growing tension,

tinged with a sprinkle of urgency and overwhelm.

Ah yes the sweet sweet smell of the silly season…

Before you know it, the

“Hardly any weeks/days/hours/minutes/f*ckingseconds till Christmas”

  • billboards,
  • ads,
  • reminders

are every-bloody-where!

And we are swept up in a tsunami of hype and expectation.

Are you hearing me lovely chickies?

Well this year I’m calling bullsh*t.

In the very wise words of my dear and talented friend Jade MacKenzie from The Eventhead

Calm your farm people!!!

I’m going to choose to do it differently this year, and hopefully I can convince a few of you to join me.

Here’s how.

Ok here goes,

I hereby present to you a very important list...

*waves magic wand and sprinkles fairy dust*

Stuff I want you to consider, and do before you head off into the silly season, armed a bucket of stress, a glass of champagne, some mistletoe and the mother of all to do lists.

Humour me people, I promise it will be worth it.


(Yes I did yell that in capitals because it is important.)

The short version: chuck perfect.

it is ONE F*CKING DAY!!!!!


(Santa is watching after all…)

As the year draws to a close, how many of us look back at our big lofty unrealized New Years Resolutions from the beginning of the year and think… god I’m useless. Another year down and I’m STILL not on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a bikini, I have failed yet AGAIN to win Tattslotto or marry Brad Pitt…. I can’t get anything right.

If that’s sounding familiar, I want you to tell the mean girl in your head to BACK OFF SISTER! Give yourself a shake (as in the Taylor Swift shake it up kind of way) and

take a moment

To remember all the stuff that you DID get done and wangle this past year. All of those tiny little wins and achievements, the fact that you kept moving forward, and kept taking tiny little consistent steps in the direction of living a life that makes you happy, earns you a big massive gold star in my books!

LIFE IS TOO SHORT for beating yourself up over what may not have gone to plan, over things that were not within your control in the first place.

Sh*t happens, life happens… welcome to the glorious world of not being perfect…. Guilty portion of the population 99% and the other 1% liars (you can go right ahead and quote me on that one!)

One thing that I absolutely know for sure is that when plans go a bit AWOL, it is the perfect opportunity for fun and adventure to start.

(Also make a note to join Unstoppable Chicks instead of making ridiculous NY Resolutions this year… it’s all about actions not words baby ;) )


Forget the cookie cutter, romantic movie, image of Christmas that is portrayed in the media, by the stores, the expectation and pressure that the world puts on you.

Forget everyone else’s expectations and demands, what is important to YOU?

I bet that if you had to list your top 4 pre-requisites for a beautiful Christmas day, they would include pretty simple things like

  • Being with the people you love
  • Sharing a meal together
  • Laughing
  • Watching your kids wake up early and listening to their squeals as they find their presents. Or if you don’t have kids, it might be having a lazy sleep in (god bless ya!)

Do me a favour and put those beautiful simple things at the very top of your Christmas to do list, and consider letting the rest of it slide.

The price you risk paying for trying to please everybody will likely come at the expense of

your own self care

your mental health

your relationships with the people you love

your bank balance

Are any of those prices that you really need (or can afford) to pay?

Not me. Not this year. Not ever again.

What are the things that you REALLY TRULY need to get done?

What are the bits that are unnecessary fluff?

If you don’t end up with the perfect ribbon tied package come December 25th (right before someone upsets Nanna at Christmas lunch and it all comes crashing down)

Will that be the end of the world?

Will you survive?

I do believe that you will…

Let me finish off my work here today with a Chickie Challenge to keep you on track (well it’s part of MY secret masterplan anyway)

Do yourselves a favour lovely chickies, and before the Christmas rush starts,

Pick 4 simple things that you know keep you on track, in balance, grounded, happy.

Mine are:

Enough sleep.

Regular exercise.

Eating lots of fresh food.

Time laughing with the people I love.

Now take a deep breath, and give that list a great big grateful smile.

These 4 superhero activities are your friends, your strength, your foundation stones.

Make a promise to yourself that they all stay.

They are non-negotiable.

Get out your calendar and schedule them all into your life over the coming weeks.

Take them through with you to the Christmas finish line.

Let’s make this silly season a much nicer place to be shall we…

Give me HO!!!

BlogSue Muller