Taking time to be.


This week’s blog is a short one.

Mainly because it’s about a really simple question…

I want to know when was the last time you took time just to be?

When is the last time that

  • you didn’t have your phone in your hand
  • a million things that you need to get done running through your head
  • a child yelling ‘mum’
  • someone or something demanding your attention
  • a bill to pay
  • somewhere to be


  • there are things you need to wrestle in your head
  • you need space to find a way forward
  • to stop and catch your breath
  • to remember what’s important
  • you feel overwhelmed, broken
  • like a bird with a broken wing

OR what you need is a need a simple circuit breaker, some solitude.

 maybe you (very wisely) recognize it as really good self care.

Taking some time out to clear your head, to get back to basics, to remind yourself of your why, of what really matters; is such an important thing to do.

Confession time

I must admit that in the last few months, I have turned

Taking time to be into a bit of an extreme sport.

Yep, if it were an Olympic event, I’d SO be in with a chance for the GOLD baby!

At the start of the year, I packed up my life and got in my car and started driving.

So far I have covered a few states of this beautiful country of ours.

I have kept on typing away on Carlos my laptop, and working with my gorgeous coaching clients; cheering them on as they create their own inspiring lives and adventures.

As well as working as an Assistant trainer with the incredible Julie Parker at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy… how lucky am I?

But taking time to be has become a non-negotiable part of my daily routine.

For the whole entire April of my chickie road trip, I have been lucky enough to be in a beautiful place, far away from my usual surroundings.

It has been like medicine

I wake up when the sun rises.

Eat my breakfast overlooking the ocean

Do my chickie work in blissful solitude.

(I only talk to the avocados on really quiet days.)

I’m not totally alone.

I have gorgeous cousins just up the road and they come and check in on me when they finish their work for the day.

We eat crayfish, crack open a beer, and look out over the most brilliant blue ocean.

My windswept hair has taken on Bridget Jones proportions, my skin’s gone all salty and almost sun-kissed

Life is uncomplicated. I feel so happy. My mojo and creativity has gone through the roof.

I feel so blessed.

Which brings me back to YOU lovely chickies.

Is there a place that you love to go, where you can just switch off?

Somewhere that makes you smile on the inside?

When do you feel most at peace?

When do you feel most alive?

Is there an activity or a ritual in your life, that when you’re doing it, you lose all track of time and the rest of the just world disappears?

How might you fit a bit more of that stuff back into your life?

When did you last take some time to turn the rest of the world off and ‘just be’?

What would someone who loved you say about how often you take time out for yourself?

Taking time to be is to practice

  • self kindness
  • self love
  • self care

it’s making time to

  • reboot
  • recharge
  • remember what’s important
  • clear your head
  • make space to breathe

make space to smile

Consider it as maintenance lovely chickies.

This weekend I’m upping the chilled out ante and getting on a tiny plane and flying away to a tiny island with my gorgeous cray-fishing cousins.

I’ve got a fishing licence, a box of beer, my camera, and a book.

I’m going to take some time just to be

You don’t have to go to a tiny island,

but what’s stopping you from giving yourself half an hour this weekend?

To sit under a tree, turn your phone off,

And breathe, listen to the sound of your heart saying thankyou?

Be kind to yourselves lovely chickies, you deserve it.

BlogSue Muller