The people that I love.

I spent some time back in my hometown the other week, and it felt like medicine.

It felt warm, cosy and safe to be back in a place that I know like the back of my hand, surrounded by smiles and laughter.  For 10 perfect days, I stepped back from everything, turned down technology and just ‘be’ –ed with the people that I love. I pressed PAUSE on over analysing stuff and I didn’t try to organise the bejesus out of every single moment. Instead of trying to control it all, to be the perpetually strong person, for once in my life I just let them love me, do nice things, and I said thankyou instead of fighting it.

I went with the flow.

Got back to what really matters.

Soaked up the magic.

It was such a lovely break.

All rested up, recharged and rejuvenated, I set off on my road trip home with a contented smile.

I LOVE a chickie road trip!

Totally off the grid.

Stereo up LOUD.

Stubby of coke at the ready (for microphone purposes only).

Coffee (my friend) by my side.

An egg and bacon roll balanced on my lap… crumbs everywhere.

The endless road stretched out in front of me…

I started thinking about a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us.  A beautiful kind old gentleman who was a friend, mentor and surrogate grandfather to so many. I was blessed that many years ago we kind of adopted each other.

He was brutally honest, “Darling you look terrible.”

But one of my favourites was when he would sit you down and say “How are you?” and you would say "I’m ok", and he would say “NO, how ARE you?” To have someone in your life who goes beyond the superficial and really genuinely wants to hear (not give advice or judge) is one of the most beautiful gifts imagine-able. Someone who will sit with you in the rain as well as in the sunshine. Who you can trust won’t throw your honesty, your vulnerability back at you later. That absolute permission to just be you and to know that it is enough. People like this, relationships like this, are things to honour and cherish. They are a rare and priceless gift.

A warm wave of gratitude washed over me. How very f*cking lucky was I that he wandered into my life.

I wondered if my friend ever knew how much of a difference he made, how much I loved and appreciated him and his company. How many times he gave me the strength and courage to keep going.

Ah the secret superheroes in our lives…

Those people who go around making a huge difference, not for publicity or point scoring purposes… but simply because that is who they are.

Unglamorously covered in bacon and egg roll crumbs and with the background music of a bit of Van Morrison’s Warm Love; I started thinking, of all of the amazing people that I have been blessed to meet and know and, in some cases love, in my lifetime. Of the people who I may have never met, but whose adventures, stories and wisdom have made a difference to my life.

Which led me to this chickie list of the kind of people who I abso-f*cking-lutely LOVE. (since you’ve made it this far, you might as well have a read…)

I love…

People who have a crack!

Who say,

“I may truly suck at this, I may fail, I may fall flat on my face. But I’m going to have a go anyway. Bring it on!!!”

Who find the courage to listen to their hearts, their own voice, instead of the opinions of the people sitting in the cheap seats of the arena of life.

I’m not just talking about having a crack at big flashy things either – like selling up everything, buying a kombi and setting off around the world, deciding to quit your job and become a professional surfer, start an orphanage in Vietnam or win an Olympic gold medal.

I love people who make small daily choices to have a crack. Consistently doing little things that are out of their comfort zone, like speaking your truth even when your voice shakes, sticking to your guns when it would be much easier to cave. Saying no as a complete answer, and without a ‘sorry’ at the start. Getting up and moving in the morning when it would be way easier to hit snooze and roll over. Those small daily choices that add up to the magic, the fabric of who we are.

Who choose the road less travelled… even the road less travelled in your family or circle of friends … starting your own business, going to uni, leaving a marriage that’s not working, when no one that you know ever has.

I love the people who are prepared to not die wondering.

Who want to make the most of every moment and opportunity that they get. Who are prepared to fall over, to stand up, dust themselves off, say well that truly sucked, and have another go.

Who trust the flow of life enough to know that they don’t have to chase or please people… that the right ones will come into their life and stay.

People who practice learning to go with the flow of life a bit.  Who are at a place in their lives where they get that while they can’t control the exact outcome, that if they keep taking action in the direction of their dreams, that those tiny grains of sand that they add to their jar each day will eventually fill it and get them to where they want to be… maybe even to somewhere better!

People who are prepared to stand by something or someone that they love when it would be much easier to walk away.

Who live curiously, who are always looking for ways to grow and learn and experience as much as they can.

Who listen… not listen for an opportunity to have their say, but listen to actually understand what someone is saying to them.

Who love wholeheartedly.

It takes balls to be who you are and to be open about how you feel about people… to risk rejection … to show up for ourselves and for others.

I love people who laugh. Big fat belly laughs, snort laughs… laugh till you cry laughs, or it hurts your guts laughs. Inappropriate laughs.  I especially love people who can laugh at themselves.

Who speak up in life and in love that’s scary vulnerable stuff people. But it shits all over regret!

Who be themselves, proudly without apologies.  Who are unashamedly magnificent works in progress. Stuff that perfect crap! Who get that they are enough. (Well most days they do anyway ;) )

I truly believe that these people, like my beautiful friend above, are secret superheroes.

They are the kind of people that Iight me up.

I love to hang out with them, learn from them, cheer them on.

They make my life better, they make all of our lives better.

They show us by their example how a shit-hot-life can be done.

I let out a great big contented sigh, and brushed the crumbs off my pants (from somewhere up there in the bright blue sky, I was sure that I could hear his voice saying… “That looks so much better darling, now turn down that terrible music and please don’t speed.”)

I smiled, blew him a silent little kiss, and reached for my secret chocolate travel stash (shhhhhh)… wound down the window, let the wind blow through my hair and shouted a big loud road trip CHEERS to him and to all of you secret superheroes who are out there giving life a crack, giving it your best shot, making the most out of every precious moment.

It isn’t always easy.

But just remember, that you have no idea who is watching and noticing… who is learning from your example. Who right now, is feeling blessed for having known you, loved you, learned from your magnificent work or example. You have no idea who sees your magic and uses it in ways you could never imagine, to fuel their own fire, to give them the strength to keep moving forward.

You might never know, and that doesn’t really matter, because you’re doing this for you, because that is simply who you are.

Cheers to you all my lovelies, and cheers to the people we love!!!