The power of the posse.


Today I’m letting out

a big chickie woohoo!!!

to the power of the posse.

A shout-out to our cheer squads, our support crews, our sistas from another misters.

For that special group of souls who’ve got our backs

When I say ‘posse’ I’m not talking a cliquey little gang of mean girls here, I’m talking a safe cocoon of mutual love and support.

One thing that I have learned over the years, is that of all the precious gifts that we get in this world, the gift of having just a few special souls that truly get us… that support us, that we support back… a little posse of likeminded peeps, is one of the most precious gifts of all.

Yes my friends, I believe that the power of the posse is in these beautiful connections. Not only does having a support crew get you to where you want to be more quickly, it makes the ride SO much more fun.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person reading this blog today who has managed to survive

High school crap (3 little words that sum up so much eh?)

Toxic people and situations.

Workplace politics and drama.

Mummy judgment and guilt.

Family shit.

Chasing after people who don’t want or respect us.

Hanging out with folk who didn’t turn out to be the people we thought they were.




Having someone else project their crap onto you.(ugh!)

And no one’s perfect. We have ALL been guilty of being a shitty friend ourselves from time to time. To know what that feels like on the giving and the receiving end can be a painful experience and (hopefully) a powerful lesson.

These lessons can all feel sucky at the time, but turns out (usually down the track when the sting has eased and clarity and perspective have come to town) that they can also be an excellent tool for working out what you

Want and need in a relationship.

What you don’t need.

How you want to feel, what you want to give and to receive.

What friendship, and love look like to YOU.

In short, those lessons give you the life experience to realise that:

Not everyone’s your people” – Julie Parker (lightbulb moment circa 2011)

You get to choose who you want to invest in, love, have in your life. (me. 2015)

When you read Danielle La Porte blog – Open, gentle heart, Big fucking fence… you fist pump and yell “YES!!!!”

Yes, these days, now that I’m older and somewhat wiser, wherever possible I choose to surround myself with likeminded loving people.

There doesn’t have to be a mountain of them. And at times in our lives there might only be a couple… and one of them always needs to be yourself (i.e. you need to know how to give this brand of respect and love to yourself too, but that’s a whole other blog post).

My kind of ‘people’ are chicks that

Don’t care how you turn up (in your jarmies is perfectly fine) just that you do.

Are about actions, not just pretty words.

Don’t count on you to say the right thing (absolutely ‘no words’ is fine, and extra points for passing the tissues).

Will tell you that your skirt is tucked into your undies, your fly is undone, there is toilet paper on your foot (after they’ve finished laughing of course).

Hold you up when you’re falling.

Will stab you in the front, not the back.

There is a particular memory that I often think back to…

My friends and I sitting around one Boxing Day afternoon, soaking up the last rays of afternoon sunshine, drinking wine, laughing… one of those perfect, smiley, happy days.

I remember feeling so grateful and blessed sitting there amongst the laughter, the banter the love… wishing that time would stand still and that afternoon could go on forever.

Some were friends that I have known from primary school, some wandered into my life much later.

Between us we’ve made it through

  • Relationship, marriage and business break ups.
  • Perms and other fashion atrocities.
  • Milestone birthdays.
  • Milestones in general.
  • Each other’s pregnancies and kids.
  • Highs and lows.

Knowing each other’s imperfections, only gives us more to laugh about and bond over.

We all have our secret superhero rings and unstoppable necklaces, like a band of sisters.

Ready to take on the world.

Or at least give it a mighty fine crack.

Over the years we have helped each other up when we’ve stumbled, dusted each other down, had a good laugh at ourselves, and then kept moving.

We laugh in the face of danger HA HA HA!!!

We throw a box of tissues and a block of chocolate in times of tears.

These amazing, brave, crazy, funny souls are part of my support system.

My superheroes.

My strength.

My inspiration.

I value that, treasure it, nurture it, try not to take it for granted.

Relationships like these, the people that we choose to let into our hearts and lives, make up the fabric of who we are.

The magical ingredients of being a magnificent work in progress… living a life we love.

I also get such joy from this beautiful tribe of Smile Chickie chicks too.

I love the way that you cheer each other on

Keep on going, moving forward.

You make me smile, laugh, inspire and motivate me every day.

So today I am taking a moment to smile and be grateful.

Grateful for the power of the posse, and the magic that it brings into the world.

Cheers to the chicks that have our backs, who make us smile. Cheers to never letting them forget how much we love them.


So tell me lovely chickies,

Who is your support crew, your posse?

Where could you get some more connection in your life?

Maybe life been getting in the way of you connecting with your posse lately? (it happens…)

What might you do to rectify that?

Do you need a posse?  Or some extra connection in your world?

Then check out the unstoppable chicks

If it sounds like your thing, we would love for you to join us. xxx

BlogSue Muller