The road trip of life.


I’m packing up the car...

Carlos (my laptop) and I are heading off on another chickie road trip this week.

It would seem that I am about to have a 21 year old daughter, and that it’s also almost Christmas – time to hit the road and drive.

As you all know by now, I LOVE a good road trip – how could I not?

Leave at sunrise (coffee in hand)

Get there at sunset

A whole indulgent day.

The perfect non-judgemental singing opportunity.

The perfect thinking space.

A perfect little pod of solitude, where time stands still, the rest of the world can’t find me… hell, I take so many detours that half the time I can’t even find me!

Does anyone else deliberately ignore the lady’s directions on the sat nav… just to see if you can get her angry?

I like going off the highway into little tiny towns … searching for coffee, fruit, (and petrol, when you realise that you’ve played chicken with the fuel gauge for too long)

Windows down.

Sun on my face.

Wind in my hair.

AH the serenity.

My secret superhero ring sits shining away on the steering wheel… calling to me… ‘go faster’, turn left… what’s down that road…. Who cares when we get there.

I have some of my best ideas on those long drives…. Almost as good as the ones I get in the shower.

Sometimes I record my ramblings on the i-pod. Otherwise I’d be stopping every 5 seconds to write my brainwaves down.


In amongst today’s preparations, the harsh reality that, once I am there, the year is practically over,  up and slapped me right in the face.

Well I’ll BE!!!

Which got me to thinking, that in hindsight, this year has turned out to be a bit of an epic chapter in the metaphorical road trip of my life too.

Almost a year ago, I packed up all of my worldly possessions, took a deep breath and set my sat nav, and set off into the unknown with a bucket of enthusiasm and a plan…

{Insert moment of silent gratitude to those of you who have come along with me for the ride, the absolute superstars who have hung in there, cheered me on AND resisted the temptation to hit unsubscribe… love your work!}

Along the way, Carlos and I have taken a few detours, some planned, some… not so much.

I’ve hung on for the twists, and turns

The ups and downs

There’s been A-plenty of

Bad singing

Wind in my hair

Sun on my back

There were SO many magnificent sunrises – full of hope and expectation (beginings, ideas, plans)

And stunning sunsets - (some things ended, finished up, )

In from NSW to NYC, to VIC, to WA…. all over the place really.

Adventures – from the Abrolhos islands to Oprah


There were petrol stops – to refuel, catch my breath, recharge, recalibrate.

I met some beautiful souls.

It also broke my heart to say goodbye to some beautiful souls too.

Lessons were learned… actually make that HUGE lessons learned.

About me, about life, about love.

Sound familiar?

I ended up sitting down and I writing a list of the road trip that was my year, and bloody hell, it’s no wonder I’m feeling a tad exhausted!

So I decided that as I head off on my chickie road trip this week, I’m going to start off with the tragic mixed tape that was with me in the car this time last year. I’m going to wind down the window, feel the wind in my hair, and belt out a stirring rendition of a little ditty about Jack and Dianne (don’t you judge me!)

And say a great big cheers for the epic Chickie Road Trip that has been my 2015.

For the highs, the lows, the lessons I learned

I’m going to let go of the stuff that was out of my control, or that was just too heavy to keep carrying with me.

And make a conscious decision to relax and enjoy what is left of this most excellent year…

{Insert happy sigh here}

But wait… there’s more…

You don’t get off so easily my lovelies…

I challenge YOU, before the end of the year, to get yourself a pen and a big glass of wine.

I want you to sit down and write all the things that happened on the great big road trip that was YOUR year.

How did it go?

Which bits are you proud of?

Which bits did you learn from?

Which bits could you have done better, or differently?

How is YOUR sat nav looking?

Is it all charged up and ready to go in the direction you want to be headed in 2016?

Or have you let someone else type in the destination for you?

What stuff do you want to pack up and take with you?

What are you ready to let go of and leave behind?

Has your car (aka YOU) got enough fuel, water, to make the journey to where you’re headed… is your battery all charged up and ready to go?

As we all set off on the road trip of each of our lives in the next few weeks, as we drive towards whatever crazy new adventures that 2016 will bring our way, I hope that I’ll see you at the pit stops, maybe at a cute little country café or pub (when we take a detour off the highways onto the road less travelled) at a Big sheep, Big Banana or Pineapple… let’s keep waving to each other and cheering each other on shall we?

Cheers lovely chickies...


P.S.  If you’re looking for some extra company, strength, support or sisterhood as you head into the new year.

Check out my chickie toolbox... full of tools and tricks for unstoppable chicks. 

I’ve got lots of exciting Smile Chickie plans for next year and I’d love for you to join us… the more the merrier.  xxx

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