The secret superpower dance.

Today’s super-power shining blog post is about a little dance that I’ve been working on over the years.

Some days my chickie dance looks like a bit of an unco shuffle, and others more like this clip that I’m sure we’ve all seen. Either way, it’s a set of moves that I pretty much have the built the foundations of my life upon.

You see, I’m a bit of a common sense type of chick. I’ve lived enough life, survived enough disasters and triumphs to know that it’s not all puppies and rainbows, fairies and star dust, not all green smoothies and yoga on the beach.

I worked out long ago that, no one is perfect, life not’s perfect… we are all just doing what we know how to do and getting on with living the best lives that we know how.

There is no magic fairy pixie dust to sprinkle or wand to wave that will do the work for us. (Lord knows I check the Aldi catalogue every week just in case.) No buffed up man (or woman) on a horse coming any day soon to sweep us up off our feet and carry us off in their muscle-bound arms and save us. (dammit)

What I DO know for sure though, is that we all have a special magic inside of us.

We all have unique strengths, gifts, things we rock at.

(aka superpowers)

And I do believe that there is magic in working out what these are, in celebrating them, in finding ways to use ours to our best advantage.

Which brings me to this super power (and dance) that I love.

It forms the foundation of how I choose to live, and the more I practice it, the better my life gets.

I walk towards what makes me happy.

It’s not rocket science lovely people.

It’s really, really simple…

Just for a moment, let’s have a think about:

The people in our lives that it is an absolute joy to be around, who boost our energy, make us feel loved, valued, safe and secure.  Make our hearts happy.  Makes us smile just to think about seeing their faces.

Those basic things we love to do. The activities that engross us so much that we go into that zone where time stands still and hours fly past without us even noticing. It might be dancing, writing, painting, running, walking, cooking, playing with your kids, reading, sex, or insert your own adventure here….

The places we love to visit. It could be feet in the sand, grass between our toes, out in nature, or sitting in a bustling café with a coffee, lying out under the stars…

The food that makes us feel alive and full of energy.

The kind of music that pulses through us, lifts us up, speaks to our hearts.

How do you feel when you think about those people, places, activities?





Why in this precious life of ours, would we not make sure that we squeeze as much of this kind of action in as we possibly can?

When we are old and looking back on our lives, will we regret the moments, times, opportunities to smile and feel like this that we wasted or simply put off for another day that never came?

Walking towards what makes you happy is about firstly knowing what, who, where… these things are for YOU.

It’s about noticing (and being grateful for) how you feel when you are with/doing them.

And then the dance part is about putting as much as possible of that action in your life. Making it a consistent priority.

Yeah yeah I hear you say…. easier said that done, easy for you to say.. blah blah blah

I get it …

We all have lots of boring responsibilities to meet and demands to juggle.

Life isn’t perfect, it’s not all inspirational quotes, selfies with perfect lighting and shiny happy experiences.

Simple fact of life is that it is can often feel like we take 1 step forwards, then 2 steps back.

That is true for us all.

Thing is,

I choose to turn those steps into a dance …

Some days that dance of walking forward really fucking hurts.

It simply consists of making it through another day.

Of breathing…

Perhaps having a shower.

And that’s ok.

The older and wiser I get, the more that I like to see those 2 steps back as part of the beautiful (sometimes excruciatingly painful) dance that is this precious life that we have all been blessed with.

The super power of turning those moves into a dance, into an adventure, a dance towards what make me happy… is one that I intend to keep on practicing.

There’s a Maori Proverb which says…

“Turn your face toward the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.”

I think that those Maori’s were definitely onto something.

Care to dance with me lovely chickies… maybe it’s time that we started a bit of a flash mob!